ISSN: 2188-1162 – The European Conference on Education 2013 – Official Conference Proceedings

ECE 2013, Brighton, UK - Learning and Teaching Through Transformative Spaces
Brighton, UK
July 11 - 14, 2013
ISSN: 2188-1162


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Proceedings Contents

Learning Agency: The Interactional Negotiation of Difference and Identity in Group Work
Authors:Rupert Waldron, University of the Arts London, UK
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Visualizing World University Rankings: A Novel Algorithm
Authors:Sandeep Subramanian, VIT University, India
Kannabiran Maheshwaran, VIT University, India
Vivek Vidyasagaran, VIT University, India
Lakshmanan K, VIT University, India
Satyajit Ghosh, VIT University, India
Gargi Raina, VIT University, India
Partha Sharathi Mallick, VIT University, India
Chandrasekaran N, VIT University, India
Suresh Kumar, VIT University, India
Gopiesh Khanna, VIT University, India
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The European Policy Agenda: The Impact of the Bologna Process on UCD School of Business
Authors:Orna O'Brien, University College Dublin, Ireland
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A Critical Exam of the Ideologies in Multicultural Children's Literature
Authors:Anne-Marie Dionne, University of Ottawa, Canada
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Academic Writing in Computer-mediated Communication: Tertiary Student Behaviors and Attitudes
Authors:Helen W.M. Yeh, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
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Development of Romantic Relational Aggression Scale for University Students
Authors:Yildiz Kurtyilmaz, Anadolu University, Turkey
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The Importance of Industrial Visit to Enhance Student's Learning in Process Instrumentation and Control Unit of Engineering Courses
Authors:Tushar Kanti Sen t., Curtin University Perth, Australia
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Influence of Italian Language on Slovene Language in the Case of Slovene Minority Living in Italy
Authors:Nina Lovec, University of Primorska, Slovenia
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To Build an Activist Educator: The Importance of Modeling Innovative and Culturally Sensitive ESL Strategies in Early Field Placement Education Classes
Authors:Patricia Walsh Coates, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA
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French Public Policy in Higher Education Influenced by the International Concurrence between Universities is Bringing Changes to the Education Culture
Authors:Darya Loyola, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, France
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Meeting the Challenge of Higher Education: Creating Transformational Spaces that Empower Learners
Authors:Heather Jeannie Herbert, Charles Sturt University, Australia
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Changing Education through the Transformation of Learning Spaces: Analysis of the Secondary Schools Modernisation Programme in Portugal
Authors:Alexandra Duarte, University Institute of Lisbon (CIES-IUL), Portugal
Luisa Veloso, University Institute of Lisbon (CIES-IUL), Portugal
Joana Marques, University Institute of Lisbon (CIES-IUL), Portugal
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School Administrators Perspectives Regarding the Impact of High Stakes Testing on Teaching and Learning
Authors:Sharon Gieselmann, University of Evansville, USA
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An Opportunity to Adopt Howard Gardner's 8 Intelligences, Coupled with Emotional Intelligence, to Conquer Barriers and Embrace Change
Authors:Sarah Hopwood,, UK
Howard,, UK
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Sustainable Language Learning: Changing the Multicultural Classroom
Authors:Neysa Hatcher, University of Phoenix, USA
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Human Resource Management Strategies and Teacher’s Efficiency within Schools of Pakistan: A Co Relational Study
Authors:Kiran Hashmi, Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE), Pakistan
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Play in Chinese Kindergartens: Teacher-child Interactions and the Context Influences Them
Authors:Yanjuan Yang, The University of Warwick, UK
Ye Yang,The College of Education Science of Hunan Normal University, China
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Key Principles of Peer Reviews: A Feedback Strategy to Engage the Postgraduate International Learner
Authors:Roopa Nagori, Matthew Cooper
Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College, UK
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Quiet Spaces in Education: How Inner Quiet Becomes a Coping Skill
Authors:Peter Mond, Tel Hai College, Israel
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ECOTECT Analysis: Integration of Architectural Studio Project with Theory Classroom Assignment through Computer Simulation
Authors:Aliyah Nur Zafirah Sanusi, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
Zuraini Denan, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
Noor Aziah Mohd Ariffin, International Islamic University, Malaysia
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The College of ‘Other': Using Course Evaluation Feedback to Bridge Socio-Academic Gaps with Students in Australia
Authors:Fiona Mueller, Australian National University, Australia
Linda Hort, Australian National University, Australia
Ross McIntosh, Australian National University, Australia
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Subtle But Common Shifts in Perceptions about the Origin of Life and Biodiversity Are Attributed by Students to Changes in Understandings of the Evidence and of the Relationship between Science and Religion
Authors:Pratchayapong Yasri, University of Glasgow, UK
Rebecca Mancy, University of Glasgow, UK
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Measuring the Awareness of the Iraqi Students at Yarmouk University (in Jordan) of the New Iraqi Sociolinguistic Semantics
Authors:Ali Alkhayyat, University of Anbar, Iraq
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Education for the Elderly - Challenging Paths to Personal Competence, Wisdom and Sustainable Paths of Societal Solutions
Authors:Christiane Bahr, University Salzburg, Austria
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Te waiata hei manawapou o te reo Māori: The transformative potential of song for Māori language enhancement
Authors:Robyn Trinick
Hēmi Dale
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Developing International Collaboration and Trust Through the Use of Modern Technology as a Means of Creating and Implementing an International Model for Teacher-training in Multicultural Education
Authors:Laura Sigad, Gordon College of Education, Israel
Rhonda Sofer, The Academic College of Education in Haifa, Israel
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Mikhail Geraskov (1874-1957) Methodological Concepts of Learning Physics
Authors:Mariyana Ilieva, Sofia University ""St. Kliment Ohridski"", Bulgaria
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Professional Learning Communities as Transformative Spaces?
Authors:Isabel Fernandes, University of Minho, Portugal
Flávia Vieira, University of Minho, Portugal
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DOIT, a TEMPUS Project Aiming to Meet Challenges and Implement Transformations in Teacher Training for Multicultural Education
Authors:Nino Sozashvili, Telavi State University, Georgia
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Spatial Architectonics and Evolving Modalities of Teaching-Learning: Tagore in Perspective
Authors:Piku Chowdhury, SatyapriyaRoy College of Education, India
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Attitudes toward the ""Other"": An Intercultural Communication Venture
Authors:Manal Yazbak - Abu Ahmad, Sakhnin College for Teacher Education, Israel
Aliza Yahav, David Yellin Academic College, Israel
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The Ways of Intercultural Communication to Promote Multicultural Education in Georgia
Authors:Izabella Petriashvili, Tbilisi State University, Georgia
Nino Chiabrishvili, Ilia State University, Georgia
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Museum to Open Skies: The Cemetery as Proposal for Pedagogical Practices
Authors:Thiago Nicolau de Araujo, Faculdades EST, Brazil
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Hard Skills Will Qualify You, with Soft Skills You’ll Rank the First
Authors:Eva Trumpesova Rudolfova, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Lenka Zouhar Ludvikova, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
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Effectiveness of Social Problem-Solving Skills Training in Reducing Some Behavioral Problems for Children with Mild Intellectual Disability
Authors:Elsayed Elshabrawy A Hassanein, Al-Azhar University, Egypt
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Can We Master the Art of Motivating Students?
Authors:Kyungjin Byun, Macquarie University, Australia
Tania Prvan, Macquarie University, Australia
Judith Ascione, Macquarie University, Australia
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Potentialities of Shared Management for a Sustainable Society
Authors:Renato Brito, Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil
Luiz Síveres, Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil
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Reading Experiences and Avoidance in Freshman Classes
Authors:Elva Anne Shine, American University of Sharjah, UAE
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Fostering Scientific Literacy in the Classroom
Authors:Temitayo Abayomi Oluwatelure, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba, Nigeria
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Productive Discourses through the Integration of Out-of-school Media in Science Learning
Authors:Kok-Sing Tang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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The Role of Student Agency in Bridging Informal and Formal Learning
Authors:Natasha Anne Rappa, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Kok-Sing Tang, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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The Effect of Eclectic Teaching Strategies Utilizing British Poetry in Developing Students' Reading Proficiencies in English Language
Authors:Ahmed Ubeid, University of Anbar, Iraq
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Evaluating the Impact of Students' Disconnection with Mathematics on Academic Achievement of Primary Five and Six School Pupils
Authors:Idowu Eluwa, Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria
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A Contrastive Study on Semantic Prosodies of English and Chinese Logical Resultative Formulae
Authors:Meixia Li, Beijing International Studies University, China
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A Didactic Proposal for Learning Reported Speech through Gossip Celebrity Blogs
Authors:Margarita Esther Sánchez Cuervo, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
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School Extracurricular Activities: Promoting Academic Achievement
Authors:John Bradley, University College Cork, Ireland
Francis Keane, University College Cork, Ireland
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The Effect of Animated Cartoons on Teaching English Grammar: A Study of St Louis Nursery and Primary School, Ikere -Ekiti, Nigeria
Authors:Bankole Faloye, College of Education, Nigeria
Oladunni Olufunso Deji-Afuye, College of Education, Nigeria
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Promoting the value of education as a challenge to the contemporary school
Authors:Joanna Kołodziejczyk,Jagiellonian University, Institute of Public Affairs
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The Role of Guidance and Counselling in Effective Teaching and Learning in Schools: The Nigerian Perspective
Authors:Egbo Anthonia Chinonyelum, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria
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Validity of Factor Structure of the TVET Graduates’ Job Performance Inventory
Authors:Inas Zulkipli, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia
Mohamad Sahari Nordin, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia
Nik Ahmad Hisham Ismail, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia
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A Hybrid Method for Detecting Source-code Plagiarism in Computer Programming Courses
Authors:Weijun Chen, Tsinghua University, China
Chenling Duan, Tsinghua University, China
Li Zheng, Tsinghua University, China
Youjian Zhao, Tsinghua University, China
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The Impact of Educational Logistics on Entrepreneurial Success in Higher Education
Authors:Pannarat Wansavatkul, Rangsit University, Thailand
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Interactions between Individual Mind and Group Mind during Computer-based Concept Mapping
Authors:Jeng-Yi Tzeng, National TsingHua University, Taiwan
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Meaningful Learning in Healthcare Professionals:Integrative Review and Concept Analysis
Authors: Lucia Cadorin, Annamaria Bagnasco, Gennaro Rocco, Loredana Sasso - University of Genoa, Italy
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Supporting Transition: Challenges in Learning and Teaching at HEIs in Selected European Countries: The Example of LiTE-Lost in Transition Europe Project
Authors:Joanna Madalinska-Michalak, University of Lodz, Poland
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The Influence of a Tempus Project DOIT on University Research and Development
Authors:Lia Akhaladze, Sokhumi State University, Georgia
Rhonda Sofer, Gordon Academic College, Israel
Tamar Jojua, Sokhumi State University, Georgia
Tamar Shinjiashvili, Sokhumi State University, Georgia
Rusudan Pipia, Sokhumi State University, Georgia
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Disparities in Social Practices: A Secondary School Analysis
Authors:Carly Evans, Cleveland State University, USA
Carrie Love, Cleveland State University, USA
Jesse Bach, Cleveland State University, USA
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The Creation of a Transformational Learning Environment- The Essential Ingredients of Teacher Quality and the Nurturing of a Positive School Culture In Order To Optimise Student Learning Outcomes in a New Australian School
Authors:Susan Simon, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
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Is TPRS an Effective Method for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language among Young Learners of Beginning Levels?
Authors:Ning Li, Concordia International School Shanghai, China
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Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Multicultural Contexts: Developing Intercultural Awareness and a Shared 'intercultural metalanguage'
Authors:Susan Lubbers, University of Sydney, Australia
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Social Network Media in the Classroom: Analysing Errors and Teaching Language in Arunachal Pradesh
Authors:Raju Barthakur, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, India
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The cooperation of teachers to improve educational processes
Authors:Jakub Kołodziejczyk, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Public Affairs, Poland
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