ISSN: 2189-1028 The Asian Conference on Technology, Information & Society 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACTIS2015, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme 2015: “Power”
Thursday, November 5 - Saturday, November 7, 2015
ISSN: 2189-1028

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Centrality Computation in Weighted Networks based on
Edge-splitting Procedure

Ivan Belik
Kurt Jörnsten

Inspecting the Bad Society? Bentham's Panopticon Revisited
Alistair S. Duff

Power to the Population? The Population Census under Review
Lynn Killick
Alistair S. Duff
Mark Deakin
Hazel Hall

Comparative Analysis of Purchasing Behavior at Physical and Online
Bookstores by University Students

Takafumi Suzuki
Maki Mizukami

Help is Just a Click Away! - Social Network Sites, Parents of
Children with Special Educational Needs, and Parents' Support

I-Jung Lu

Improving Working Mindfulness by Multisensory Smart-Office with
Cloud Computing

Chieh Jen Chen
Chia Hung Kao

Portfolio Optimization using Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization
Viriya Yimying
Ohm Sornil