ISSN:2188-272X – The Asian Conference on Society, Education & Technology 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACSET2015 The Asian Conference on Society, Education & Technology 2015
Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
Conference Theme: “Power and Empowerment: Transcending Boundaries”
Wednesday, October 21 - Sunday, October 25, 2015
ISSN: 2188-272X

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Education, Technology and Cultural Change: A Review of Social, Cultural
and Religious Practices of the ADI Community of Arunachal Pradesh, India

Raju Barthakur
Niti Taki

The Use of Trilingual Instruction by Teachers on Different Instructional
Phases in Selected Mathematics Classes in Central Philippines

Joven Camarista Cablas

Empowering Rural Communities through Small And Medium Enterprises in
Samar Island, Philippines

Asterio T. Miranda, Jr.
Juneth Lourdes F. Miranda

Management Practices and Communication Patterns of Lyceum De Cebu:
Bases for Enhancement

Juneth Lourdes Fiel Miranda
Asterion Tenedero Miranda

Transcending Borders and Building Bridges: Creating A Technological
Infrastructure to Support a Community of Practice across Nine Nations

Jennifer Tan Poh Sim
Emma Pearson

Performance of the Kindergarten Teachers and its Relation
to Pupils Achievement in Different Learning Areas

Mary Luna M. Ninal

Trusting for Authentic Friendships in the Perceptive World of Everybody Lies Online
Pataraporn Sangkapreecha

Exploring Emerging Trends in Information Seeking Strategies for Discovery Learning
Taweesak Sangkapreecha

Rural Livelihood Survey on Selected Barangays in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
Josephine Sardan Lambinicio

Increasing ESP Student Engagement through a Process of Structured Feedback
Nader Ayish

Employability of BSIT Graduates of Central Philippines State University -Main Campus
Debbie Lou B. Enquilino

The Impact of ICT on Youths Development in Nigeria
Stella Ogonna Okafor

Online Discussion Using Facebook Module Versus Moodle Forum Module in a
Moodle Platform: Feedback From Secondary Students in the Kingdom of Tonga

Hans Tobias Sopu
Yoshifumi Chisaki
Tsuyoshi Usagawa

Faculty Members Opinions Toward Faculty Administration in Dharmacracy
in Rangsit University

Nakamol Chansom
Kessara Supayont

Power, Networks and the Making of Place: Cartography of a Blog
Anita Lundberg
Hweeleng Toh-Heng

SIMPLE-O, the Essay Grading System for Indonesian Language Using LSA
Method with Multi-Level Keywords

Anak Agung Putri Ratna
Prima Dewi Purnamasari
Boma Anantasatya Adhi

Using Google Documents to Enhance Peer Editing
Valadom Virawong
Gary Waddell

The Potential Use of Videos to Improve Communication Skills in an English
Language Course

Hariharan N Krishnasamy

TV White Space for Development Programs in the Philippines:
Implications and Challenges

Marife Carpio

Development of a System Using Interactive Video for Novice Programmers
Tatsuyuki Takano
Kentaro Matsui
Osamu Miyakawa
Takashi Kohama

The Application of IC Ticketing System in Clinic Fees Payment
Yi-Horng Lai

Latent Semantic Analysis Based Automatic Cross-Language Plagiarism
Detector for Paragraph Written in Two Syntactically Distinct Languages

Anak Agung Putri Ratna
Emily Lomempow
Prima Dewi Purnamasari
Untung Yuwono
Boma Anantasatya Adhi

Case Study Applied to Smart Learning's Quality Management for Working Employee
Hyeon Mi Rha

Engagement and Outreach: A Content Analysis of Students' Instagram Postings
Ghazali Bunari
Wan Muhammad Wan Abdul Samad
Rohayah Kahar
Abdul Halim Abdul Raof
Adlina Abdul Samad

Analytical Development of ITC Course Using Y-Chart Methodology
Aneela Nargis
Choudhry Fahad Azim

Using Stop-Motion Video with Advertising to Promote Perceptions Judgment of Others
and Situational Awareness in Adolescents with ASD

Chien-Hsu Chen
I-Jui Lee

The Influence of Visual Information During Reading in Children with Dyslexia
Hanae Ikeshita-Yamazoe
Sho Yamaguchi
Toyoshi Morioka
Takashi Yamazoe

Divide & loop in Neural Network
Joohyung Song
Jeonghyuk Kim
Jaemin Hwang
Sanggil Kang

Learning Through Technology: The Indian Experience
Sangeeta Srivastava
Indu Garg