ISSN: 2186-229X – The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 1st, 2012

"Ancient and Modern" & "Journeys of Discovery"
May 27-30 2011, Osaka, Japan
ISSN: 2186-229X

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Proceedings Contents

Empowerment for the Future: An Examination of a Photographer’s Creative Identity
Luciana Vasques Barbosa pp. 1-11 View PDF

Text and Melody in Cantonese Popular Music: A Relationship of Subordination or Complementarity?
Man-Ying Sheryl Chow pp. 12-32
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Mascots as Messengers: The Nagoya Next Door
Project Patrice Pendell pp. 33-50
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Integrated Song Instruction with Bamboo Xylophone Accompaniment: Does Harmonic Accompaniment Song Instruction Produce More Accurate Singing Among Primary Two Children of Kota Kinabalu?
Jinky Jane C. Simeon
Agnes Ku Chun
Moi Tan
Choon Keong
Sim Chee Cheang pp. 51-61
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The Travel Path Patterns of Tourists in Kinmen Islands of Taiwan
Shu Mei Wang
Ya Hui Hsueh pp. 62-73
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The Cluster Analysis of Dengue Fever in Kaoshiung City of Taiwan
Ya Hui Hsueh
Li En Yan pp. 74-83
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Sailing to a Fictionalized Island: Exploration of Self and the World in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels
Sana Tzu-Wei Wang pp. 84-95
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What happened to Communism? Communicating Communism’s Identity in the 21st Century
Álvaro Cúria pp. 96-106
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The Masculinities of Primary School Boys in Taiwan
Mingyu Hsu pp. 107-121
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A jaunt through the internal cosmos: meditation “stepping stones” along the Daoist path of self-discovery Sara E.
Neswald pp. 122-135
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Comparison of Analog and Digital Expressionist Photography: Minor White and Tom Chambers
Yi-hui Huang pp. 136-142
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The Use of GIS in Exploring Settlement Patterns of the Ethnic Groups in Nan, Thailand
Pannee Cheewinsiriwat pp. 143-158
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A Study on the Application of Triz Inventive Principles to Cultural Product Design
Elim Liu pp. 159-168
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Journey through the Ages: The Ramayana and The Alchemist
Madhumalati Adhikari pp. 169-179
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A Journey of Recovery: Reading Trauma-Related Guilt in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated Cathy
I-Hui Pan
Mei-Yu Tsai pp. 180-192
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A New Approach to Arts Policy Formulation that directly supports the Arts and Cultural Identity in Hong Kong
Hilary du Cros
Samuel Leong pp. 193-205
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Business Owners on the Bund in the Yokohama Treaty Port: Economic Mobility in a Fractured Milieu
Chester Proshan pp. 206-223
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City and Representation: Tokyo’s Role in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation
Alexander J. Klemm pp. 224-233
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Full Circle: From Survival to Integrity Canadian Indigenous Travel in the Nineteenth Century
Karin Ann Elizabeth Collins pp. 234-243
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Dancing Between Tradition and Modernity: Colonization, Westernization, and Identity in Korean Dance During the Japanese Colonial Period
Min Kim pp. 244-249
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The Modern Beliefs of Cynerlove in Thai Cyberculture
Pataraporn Sangkapreecha pp. 250-261
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Fever when you kiss me: an examination of the ethical issues surrounding the inclusion of sexualised music repertoire in Australian contemporary singing syllabi
Timothy McKenry pp. 262-275
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Space and Time on a Journey to Knowledge Discovering
Taweesak Sangkapreecha pp. 276-283
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Culturally Inspired Patterns for Photovoltaics
Robert Baum
Salvator-John Liotta pp. 284-302

bob127Army or Internal Security Force? Problems in the History of Japan’s National Police Reserve
Thomas French pp. 303-315
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Relationship Between Extended Logic, Self-confidence, Art History and Personal Key Skills Through Visual Arts Education: Creative Skills that are Valuable for the Creative Economy in Singapore
Kay Kok Chung Oi pp. 316-329
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What We Listen to with Music - Seeking a General Theory of Musical Emotion with the Aid of the Humanities Perspectives
Takuro Shibayama
Hiroko Terasawa
Hidefumi Ohmura
Reiko Hoshi-Shiba
Takayuki Hamano
Miwa Fukino
Kazuo Okanoya
Kiyoshi Furukawa pp. 330-337
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Strategic Japaneseness Abroad: The case of Japanese local hires in Hong Kong
Reijiro Aoyama
George Sabo pp. 338-346
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Factors that influence Design Competitiveness in Taiwan's Industries
Cheng-lein Teng
Chiung-Hua Chen
Jih-Shyong Lin pp. 347-354
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5Conceptual Framework in Studying the Visual of Comic Art
Karna Mustaqim pp. 355-365
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The Influence of Malay Cultural Elements in Motion Graphic among Students’ in Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Zahari Hamidon
Baharudin Arus
Abdullah Mohd Noor pp. 366-380
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Human and Architectural Settlements: A Case Study of Gilan, Iran
Fereshteh Karbalaee pp. 381-389
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Effects of mild music on Promoting Reading Habits: A Case Study of Patrons in Iran Public Library Foundation Sedigheh Mohamadesmaeil Somayeh
Ghavidel Mohammadkarim Saberi pp. 390-402
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A Journey to True Repentance: The Role of Pearl in The Scarlet Letter
Yen-Hua Lai pp. 403-415
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R. Hepburn’s Natural Aesthetic and Its Implications on Aesthetic Education
Chung-Ping Yang pp. 416-426
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Edge Commune: From alternative cultures to creative shopping in Hong Kong
Thomas Chung Kelly Chan pp. 427-441
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How to Link three Technology Courses and Integrate them into Teacher Education Curriculum
Li-chu Sung pp. 442-455
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