Conference: ACSS2018

The Diversity to Reflect Domestic Interests on International Trade Policy: Comparison of FTA Politics in Korea and Japan

This study asks why both Korea and Japan have protected their domestic agriculture while concluding a series of free trade agreements (FTAs) in spite of their different political structure.Since the 2000s, both Korea and Japan have concluded large number of FTAs with major economies holding less-competitive agriculture at home. Facing the resistance by farmers, both

Assessing Quality of Life and Menopausal Symptoms among Lothas of Nagaland, India

The study aims at assessing the quality of life and menopausal symptoms in rural population of Wozhuro range, Nagaland. In the studied population a sample size of 202 adult females were selected with age ranging from 35-60 years and were divided into two groups based on the menopausal status. An exclusion criterion was selected where

Documented Migration From Mexico to the U.S.: Visa Programs and its New Challenges

This presentation discusses the ubiquitous participation of Mexicans in ‘legal’ channels of migration to the U.S. Although in recent years most of the academic attention has been put on the phenomenon of irregular migration, which politicization and numerical magnitude have been overwhelming, little research has noted the presence of Mexicans who cross the border by

The Impact of Legislation Related to the Biodiversity of Mangroves Located in Thailand

The objectives of this research are to: 1) study the effects of existing laws on mangrove biodiversity in Thailand and 2) prepare suggestions on improving the relevant laws for relevant government agencies. The researcher used the qualitative research method and collected data by studying legislations regarding mangrove forests from different types of references including documents,

Bangkok Street Food Variety and Its Relationship in Spatial Aspect

In Bangkok, the capital and the largest city of Thailand, street food business provides local with cheap and convenient access to a variety of foods and a means of making a living. Even though, Thai foods are prepared daily in the most of every Thai households, yet, trading food has been a common economic activity

Bridging the Global and Local Needs for Sustainable Maritime and Ocean Development Through Capacity Building Training

This paper discusses the application of innovation tools and techniques to a training course for maritime and ocean professionals who are expected to contribute to sustainable development of their countries. In 2015, the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations (UN) to facilitate collaborative partnerships in achieving the prioritised areas of

Multicultural Learning in Maritime Higher Education: The Case of World Maritime University

This paper explores how multicultural learning environment can affect the experiences of international students and help them to equip intercultural communication skills. The World Maritime University (WMU) is a postgraduate United Nations’ (UN) specialised university in Malmö, Sweden. Its main programme is a 14-month MSc in maritime affairs in which approximately 130 international mature students

Moving Beyond the Mill: Application of Eclectic Approach to Improve Teaching English as a Second Language to Tertiary Level Learners

Teaching English as a second language has been among the few persistent failures in the Sri Lankan education system nearly for six decades. The dogmatic devotion to limited approaches, inadequacy at theoretical, creative practical expertise of teachers and learner isolation have been negatively affected the scenario, where tertiary level learners are at a dire stake,

The Stalemate of “Solutions” in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Through the Perspective of Palestinian Intellectuals

In the peace talks on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the two-state solution has been assumed as a premise. However, the Oslo Accords have, de facto, failed, and the peace talks have not progressed since the 2000s. As such, some academics are now pointing out the impossibility of the two-state solution. Meanwhile, the one-state solution has attracted

Strategy for Increasing the Placement of Indonesia Migrant Workers (TKI) In the Formal Sector

The Government of Indonesia keeps trying to improve the protection of Indonesia Migrant Workers (TKI). One of the efforts undertaken is to reduce sending of migrant workers in the informal sector, whom more vulnerable and minimal protection and to increase the placement of migrant workers in the formal sector, whom more fully protection. The method

Confidence is a Plant of Slow Growth: The Relationship of Power Distance Orientation, Team Trust, Self-Esteem and Voice Behavior

This study explores how voice behavior in the nursing workplace relate to changes in team based self-esteem and trust. According to the social identity theory and Chinese cultural influences, power distance orientation may play an important role in this relationship. The examined model investigated the mediating role of team based self-esteem relations between voice behavior

Enriching the Voice of Non-Musical Students (Diploma in Theatre) Through the Use of the Suzuki Method

An educator is responsible in transmitting knowledge, technology and values to the community through the process of teaching and learning. Credit hours are accumulated based on the current curriculum while transformation take place during lectures. Teknik Nyanyian or rather Singing technique is one of the minor course available to the diplomas of the theatre course

Venit Vanit: A Thai Translation of the Merchant of Venice as a Force for Sustainable Peace and Social Justice

This paper is a study on Venit Vanit, a Thai translation of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. It attempts to deconstruct a tendency among Thai critics and theatre practitioners to regard Venit Vanit as a story about the ‘greedy’ Jew and the ‘merciful’ Christians. This paper argues that this reading is part of a

Usability Problems and Design Solutions of Lego Duplo, Including Bricks and Instructions

LEGO Duplo is an excellent educational product especially for children between 1.5 and 5 years old. However, there are several usability problems which occur when a child is playing with it. Therefore, this study applies graphic design and augmented reality (AR) to solve these problems.Research Process is composed of five steps:1. Analyzing LEGO Duplo and

Enhancing Media Literacy Through Content Analysis: A Comparison of Historic Speeches by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Implications for the Present

In the contemporary global era of false or misleading news spread rapidly by online social media, the need for enhanced media literacy and advanced critical thinking skills has become increasingly urgent. Responsible and accountable political leadership based on reliable and consistent facts and reporting is essential for the development of national and international policies which

The Study on Water Quality in Saen Saeb Canal: A Case Study on the Project of SWU Jointly Conservation Saen

This study consists of four purposes: 1) to evaluate the water quality in Sean Saeb canal according to the five parameters (i.e. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Positive Potential of the Hydrogen Ions (pH), Suspended Solids(SS) ; and Phosphate( PO4 3-), 2) to compare such water quality parameters with the water quality standards

Parallel Importation and Intellectual Property Law in Thailand

Parallel importation normally occurs when the goods produced under the protection of intellectual property (IP) laws are placed in one country, and then imported into another country without authorization of the local IP owners. The unclear laws and the lack of harmonization on laws related to parallel importation in ASEAN countries make it possible for

Addressing Social Needs Through Remote Based Design Thinking

With ageing as the coming and increasing phenomenon in Japan, there is a need for innovative solutions for seniors to lead active lives in their residing communities. Little research has been conducted on the use of design thinking as a means to develop social innovations, especially with the designers not being present on-site from a

Arab Food Security and Agricultural Development Policies the Experience of Algeria, Iraq

The study aims to identify the key elements of the Arab food security gap, and analyses the indicators of treatment, which repeatedly re-focus on agricultural development and related policies. The current focus in the development of Arab agricultural capacity is on experience of Iraq and Algeria being resource-rich economies and poor in food production.The Arab

Environmental Risk Assessment of 4,4′-Dichlorobenzophenone in the Mouth of the Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is one of the most industrialized regions in the world and has been identified as one of the areas in China that has high environmental concentration of pesticides, such as organochlorine pesticides (OCPs). One of the most commonly used OCPs was dichlorodiphenyltrichlorethane (DDT), also listed as one of the main

Applying Logistic Regression Analysis to Determine the Service Quality Factors Affecting on Consumer Satisfaction Toward Low Cost Airlines in Thailand

In recent years, Thai low cost airline market has been significantly growing. Because of the rebound of Thai economy and economic policy of government to stimulate people consumption and tourism increasing more holidays, the amount of sales in Thai low cost airlines were increased dramatically. Thailand has 3 major low cost airline providers, namely Thai