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Blog for Sex Education for Teenagers

In Mexico, we have a growing number of unwanted pregnancies in teenagers. The government family planning programs have failed in more than three decades to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. The problem is not only pregnancy, but poverty of girls too. The Voluptuosidades Blog is a pedagogical virtual space for cross sex education through


An Analysis of Weblogs’ Grammatical Errors of Filipino Learners of English as Second Language

This study investigated grammatical errors in a corpus of 58 blog posts written by 58 participants through weblogs. It aimed to determine the views of students on the use of blogs in facilitating the acquisition of English writing skills, to identify, categorize, and analyze grammatical errors in students’ blog posts, and to explore students’ perceptions


Case Study: The Use of Wikis As a Teaching-Learning Tool in Science Subjects

In recent years the university studies have change, at all Spanish Universities, together with some other universities from 45 European countries. The Bologna Accord made us change our qualifications and the educational system at the same time. We moved away from a teaching-as-instruction system towards a student-centred system. That has led us to modify the