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The Landscape of One Breast: Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors through Developing a Transdisciplinary Intervention Framework in a Jiangmen Breast Cancer Hospital in China

Women with Breast Cancer (WBC) in China need to pay much effort into resisting stigma, they suffer from bodily disfigurement and it will be unbeneficial for their mental and sexual health. However, related studies in this area are rare in China. The research objective is to understand what kinds of support should be contained in


Management for Disabled Workers in the Establishment of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry in the Upper Northern of Thailand.

The study is qualitative research focusing on employees with disabilities in the fruit and vegetables processing industry. The results show that fruit and food processing enterprises in the Northern Part with more than 100 employees are required to employ one disabled as stated by laws. Almost of such enterprises employ employees with mobility disability as


Opinion Formation under the Two-Step Flow Model and the GR Game Framework

The Gur game, an artificial game, associates voters in the game with finite state automata and a moderator with a reward function. The “two-step flow communication model”, a hypothesis based on empirical studies and then popular in marketing and diffusion research, addresses that the influence from the mass media may not be received by audience


An Assessment of the Socio- Economic Impact of Medical Tourism on the Mauritian Community.

Medical tourism is also known as medical travel, health tourism or more recently, global healthcare; which in a broad sense, means seeking for medical wellbeing by travelling to a foreign region. However, this is not new; for thousands of years, people have traveled to foreign lands for healing purposes. This form of health travel has