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A Study of Efficies a Dissolved Oxygen Test Kits in the Water for Science Laboratories on the Method of Measure

There were two purposes of the study: 1) to development the Dissolved Oxygen Test Kits in the water for Science Laboratories on “The Method of Measure Dissolved Oxygen in the water (DO)”. The researcher made the Producer by using manganese sulphate to oxidize oxygen content that dissolved in water and made the solution was high


A Preliminary Study of Factors Influencing Well-Being of the Elderly in a Rural Area of Thailand

This research was the survey research. The research aimed to study the personal factors, predisposing factor, contributing factors, and supporting factor that affect well-being of the elderly who lived in a rural area of Thailand. Independent variables included: Personal factors include 1) gender, 2) age, 3) career, 4) marital status, 5) level of education, 6)


Analysis of Recreation Satisfaction, Motivation, and Consumer Behavior at the 99-Peaks Forest Trail to Pursue Sustainable Forest Management in Taiwan

Sustainable national forest management is a day-to-day business as well as long term process in Taiwan. There are eight forest districts in Taiwan and they have common management problems to encounter huge demand in forest recreation from the surrounding communities. The Nantou Forest District has made more than 20 forest trails for general public in


Analysis of Trail Visitors When They Pay Visit to a National Forest in Taiwan

Management of hiking trails on national forest is very important business in Taiwan. Trail visitors are demanding higher quality of forest trail experience making official foresters to take delicate management prescriptions on forest trails. Budget and man power are the primary two concerns. With limited budget and man power, some of old and dangerous forest


Female Consumers Behavior Analysis and Marketing Strategy for a Beauty Spa

Beauty SPA is now a very popular leisure activity for females in Taiwan. Consumer satisfaction and loyalty is very important for beauty SPA management. The objective of this paper was to pursue female consumer behavior at a beauty SPA shop such that beauty shop management can be taking right market positioning and marketing strategy can