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Sculpture Walks: Mobile Technology and the Aesthetic Experience

This paper looks at how the use of mobile technology can affect the aesthetic experiences of sculptures for students. In Singapore, there is strong belief that ICT, and by extension mobile technology, can empower teachers and learners, transforming teaching and learning processes from a highly teacher-dominated to that of student-centredness. In my study, students of


Exploring Approaches to Help Students with Reading Disabilities Enhance Their Reading Comprehension through the Use of the Tablet

Reading is the foundation of learning in formal education. In the mobilized digital century, how the mobile device can facilitate students with reading disabilities (RD) to read is of interest. The purpose of this study is to explore text display modes suitable for students with RD, based on the 7-inch tablet. In addition, the impact


Tablet Reading Bridging the University and Children in Remote Areas

Faced with limited resources and human support, children in remote areas encounter many difficulties in learning and reading with the use of modern technological devices. To help these children experience mobile reading activities with innovative technology, donation of tablets from the industry was initiated. Follow-up services to learning sites were provided by the university library.


Language Learners Perceptions and Experiences on the Use of Mobile Applications for Independent Language Learning in Higher Education

With the widespread use of mobile phones and portable devices it is inevitable to think of Mobile Assisted Language Learning as a means of independent learning in Higher Education. Nowadays many learners are keen to explore the wide variety of applications available in their portable and always readily available mobile phones and tablets. The fact