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A Study of Cross-Cultural Values on the Policy Implementation of Foreign English Teachers in Primary Schools

The objective of this paper is to investigate the cultural differences between Chinese English teachers and foreign English teachers by employing Hofstede’s Dimensions of National Cultures and then propose current policy implementation of foreign English teachers in Taiwan primary schools. In this study, Lu’s Nation Culture Values is used as the survey tool. Depth interviews


The Development and Promotion of High School Energy Technology Curriculum

Recent discussions about energy shortage and sustainable energy have made energy education more important and play a pivotal role in frontier technology. Thus, relative courses on how to effectively produce, use, and research energies should duly start from early stage of fundamental education. This research has great achievement by implementing the concept of ��Smart Grid��,


Comparing Mathematics Textbooks from Taiwan and Indonesia in Exponents and Logarithms

Textbooks provide three critical features for teachers: the sequence of the material presented, suggested content to be taught, and a list of activities and instructional ideas for engaging students. For students, textbooks can be the primary vehicles of knowledge acquisition, often replacing teacher discussion and input as the primary source of information in the upper


The Use of Teaching Aids in the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language in Nigeria

Language is said to be the fulcrum of human development as well as instruments for unification of people and nations. This probably explains why Nigeria declared French as the nation’s second official language. However, the teaching of French language cannot be effective without the use of teaching aids. The use of teaching aids in the