Category: Humanities – Cyberspace/Technology


Adopting Calligraphy Style to Design Smart Clothing for Down Syndrome Users

This study utilizes smart clothing as a tool to support self-training activities for individuals with Down syndrome. It addresses issues that arise in both daily life and sports, proposing sportswear with a calligraphy style, electronic devices and mobile applications. Down Syndrome Foundation R.O.C was established by selling Tu’s Calligraphy as a fund-raising effort in 1998.


The Smart Swimsuit Design for Taiwan National Athlete Swimmer

The research is aimed at developing a smart swimsuit for national athlete swimming user in Taiwan. This research utilizes wearable electronic device to monitor the Mechanomyography (MMG) muscle data of a swimmer to construct a smart swimming wear in real time. The athlete, coach team and medical team are able to read the muscle date


The Pre–predicativeness of “Power”: The Cyber Society versus the Autonomous Totarientality of the New Natural—E–nvironments

Initially defining the totariental (total+pole–less+disorienting), the Author argues: Positive law as a point of reference has been replaced by cyber-foundation of law. References to the-common are stronger than references to law. As a matter of facts, stability of non–codified acting is stressed. It is correct argumentation, while Western societies are considered. Although, stable acting is