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Forest Shamans: The Sacred Tree and Narratives of the Folk History

This paper examines the oral narratives of female shamans and people involved in their religious practices in modern Japan. Narratives are told and retold, ultimately becoming traditional oral histories that are closely related to local people’s lives. This paper discusses the ways in which such narratives make and can be read as folk history. As


The Moral Thought of the Malays: Feudalism & the Concept of Corruption Based on Selected Malay Texts

The evolving of the feudalism system of the Malay Sultanate during the pre-colonial era has marked the construction of Malays’ moral thought. During this period, the ideas of moral values were primarily constructed by the Malay ruler which was the raja or sultan who had the highest position in the feudalism system. Therefore, the king’s


Struggles on Agrarian Colonial Policies in Southeast Asia: Movements in Vietnam, the Malay Peninsula and the Philippines, A Suggestion for K-12, Araling Panlipunan

History is always told according to the narrative of the victors, the rulers and their administration. This study presents the story of the ordinary people, specifically during the western colonial period of Vietnam, the Malay Peninsula and the Philippines. The concept of ethnosymbolism is the reason why a group of people live together for a