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Oil Producers, Refiners and Renewable Energy Consumers: Correlation to the Wealth, Competitiveness, Peace and Happiness of Populations

A popular perception suggests that nations with abundant natural resources will ultimately demonstrate stronger economic performance. Studies investigating this perception, however, showed conflicting results. Fossil energy resources abundance (oil), processing capacity of energy resources (oil refining) and use of renewable energy technology from forty five countries, were correlated with four socio-economic indicators. The indicators included


Policy Networks of Central-Local Government Relations in the UK and Japan and Linkage of International Relations in the EU

Policy networks and linkage are tightly connected concepts in the politics. The policy networks defined by Rhodes are set of formal institutional and informal linkages between governmental and other actors. The policy networks are important elements in the power-dependence theory about intergovernmental relations in the UK. This paper mainly investigates comparison between policy networks in


Indian Sandalwood Fragrance Culture from East to West

The present study explores the cultural and techno sphere of Indian Sandalwood that has been affecting the increase of the research and development of Indian sandalwood plantation. The method used is the literature survey of standard journals, reports of the government and the corporate industries. Historically, Sandalwood’s natural forest is of great importance and deeply


When Fraud Wears Religious Cassocks

According to the US court papers, Taipei Smartphone maker HTC Corp’s founder, Cher Wang, was defrauded out of US$7.4 million by a church elder couple. The US Attorney’s Office, Northern District of California, said Jonathan Chang, aged 60, and his wife, Grace Lee Chang, aged 57, were the defendants. Plaintiff, Wang and her husband, Chen


A Comparative Analysis of Environmental and Economic Costs of PV Solar Imports and Manufacturing: China vs. Ontario, Canada

Solar energy is one of the most suitable renewable sustainable energy options with the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The use of photovoltaic (PV) technology is carbon neutral; however, the manufacturing of panels produces measurable carbon emissions. Recently, Canadian solar panel companies filed a complaint with the Canadian government claiming subsidized PV modules from