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The Naked Option, Delta Boys and Big Men: An Analysis of Corruption in the Niger Delta

The oil-rich Niger Delta region in Western Africa is in crisis. Economic disparity and corruption are the main features of the nation that is constantly ranked as one of the most corrupt in the world. Global capital, manifested as powerful and all-encompassing transnational corporations play out a struggle for national power in an increasingly poverty-stricken


A Brief Approach to Spivak’s Reflections on Subalternity and Agency from the Perspective of Cognitive Science

The purpose of this research is to examine Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s reflections on subalternity and agency from the perspective of cognitive science. The sciences of mind and brain shed light on how the human brain processes and transforms the inputs it receives and highlight the importance of contemplating how the “machine” of mind works in


Trend and the Factors that Affecting on Aesthetics Experience of Viewer at Contemporary Art and Cultural Museum

This research aims to study the 1) perception on aesthetic experience 2) factors influencing aesthetic experience 3) trend of aesthetic experience and 4) guideline for management aesthetic experience in contemporary arts and cultural museum. The research was done as mix-methodology by using in-depth interview 5-6 sampling by qurator and the 8 -10 sampling by art


Culturalizing Transformation: Reimagining Futures

This paper introduces an ‘action research’ work that began in 2013 with the identification of the experience of singleness among adivasi (indigenous) women farmers in rural India. The continuous articulation and analysis of singleness has connected women in a kind of collective form, named Eka Nari Sanghathan (Single Women’s Collective). The Sanghathan has emerged as


Imagining ‘Empowered’ Futures: Thinking of Possibilities in Contemporary Times

The paper is a presentation of the work based on an intensive ‘field work’ conducted in Hoshangabad district, block Kesla, Madhya Pradesh, India. The work examines the practices of women empowerment and its strategies at the ground level. It is a work which critically pursues the functions of empowerment strategies and goals,with its successes and


Cultural Identities of International Students in the Twentieth First Century

Although the number of international students in higher education has increased exponentially over the last few years, international students often struggle to adjust and adapt to the cultural and academic environment in host countries. The experience in an international context may change their cultural identities and alter their views on their home cultures. This study


Ethnic Stereotype as the Cause of Hatred: The Study of Thais’ Biases Towards the Rohingya Refugees

In 2017, the United Nations addressed the situation of the Rohingya refugee crisis as “the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis and a major humanitarian emergency”. Up to March, 2018, the report by the United Nations Children’s Funds showed that there were approximately 1.3 million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, alone. Out of this number, there were