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Understanding and Promoting Gender Diversity Among Senior Faculty at the University of Tokyo: A Student Action Project

Despite active efforts by the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) to promote women’s academic career development, the ratio of females remains low throughout the UTokyo community. In particular, the large drop in gender diversity from student level (20% female undergraduates) to senior faculty (7.6% female full professors), suggests the existence of a “leaky pipeline” along the


The ‘Culture Hero’ in Literary Anthropology: A Gynocentric Perspective on the Narrative Cosmology Constructed in Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Earthsea Cycle

Given the compass of literary anthropology, the formulaic predilection for a male ‘culture hero’, charging at or circumventing obstacles while being engaged in a quest of epic proportions, has long dominated the narrative-scape in fantasy novels traditionally penned by male authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, and C. S. Lewis amongst others.


Are Women Still Better at Learning Languages? Examining Gender Differences on Learners’ Academic Performance at University

Several past studies (for instance, Steffens & Jelenec: 2011, Heinzmann: 2009) investigated gender stereotypes on language learning at school. They found that girls were better at language learning than boys. Whatever Japanese university students are majoring in, English is one of compulsory subjects for them to complete their degrees. The author of this study is


The Influence of Gender Role Ideologies in Women’s Careers: A look at Marianismo and Machismo in the Treatment Room

Global statistics document an increase in women’s careers in the professions and portray successful female roles in the industrial, political and financial areas, with some variation in different regions of the world. Nonetheless, women hold only a small percentage of board seats and other influential positions in these areas worldwide. It is also known that


The Struggle of Waria Buddies to Achieve Symbolic Capital in an Infectious Diseases Intermediate Care Unit in Indonesia

HIV/AIDS is a major health issue that has become the concern of various parties. Infection Diseases Intermediate Care Unit (Unit Pelayanan Intermediet Penyakit Infeksi or UPIPI) is a therapy and treatment unit for people with HIV and AIDS (Orang yang hidup dengan HIV/AIDS (ODHIV)) in Dr. Soetomo teaching hospital, Surabaya, that employed 2 waria(s) (Indonesian


National and Gender Power Negotiations in Harriett Low’s Lights and Shadows of a Macao Life

Dictated by the cult of domesticity, American women’s status in the mid-19th century remains largely the same from previous centuries: they are powerless politically and socio-economically. Harriett Low, one of the first two American women who lived in Macao in the mid-19th century, is expected to abide by the ideals of the True Womanhood in


Roald Dahl’s Problematic Gender Characterization of Miss Trunchbull in Matilda

Despite the popularity of Roald Dahl’s last major work, Matilda (1989), there seems to be comparatively few scholarly criticisms about the main antagonist figure of Miss Trunchball.Matilda is a story about the struggle against tyranny, specifically Miss Trunchball. Trunchball is “monstrous” but is also a woman of significant positive assets such as her excellence in