Category: Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Management: Land Use and Misuse


The Effect of Deforestation on Sediment in the Upper River Basin of the Lam Phra Phloeng Reservoir, Thailand

Land use in the upper river basin of the Lam Phra Phloeng reservoir, especially the forested area has mainly been for agricultural and residential purposes. The area suffers periodically from floods and droughts. Increased erosion since forest clearance has led to the increase of sediment load in rivers draining into the reservoir. As a result,


Light Pollution Mapping of Urban Human Activity and Land Zoning

Sky glow, a kind of light pollution, which brightens the night sky significantly results from the spill light of inappropriate or over-designed artificial lighting. It not only affects astronomical observations, but disturbs ecology system and wastes lighting energy. In fact, urban light pollution is related to artificial lighting made from human activities and nighttime urban


Disaster Adaptation by Community for City Sustainability. Case Study: “Poor vs Rich Settlements” in Coping Flood Hazard in Jakarta, Indonesia

The presence of events caused by climate changing hit communities in Asia such as declining agricultural production and sea level rise at coastal area(Peng et al, 2004 in IPCC The Third Assessment Report). This phenomenon occurs at Jakarta’s coastal area that is manifested in damaging 5 year-flood. This study aims to look the process how


Municipal Solid Waste Management in Greater Jos, Nigeria

In Nigeria, municipal solid waste management is an integral part of the waste management system. The current status of municipal solid waste management in Greater Jos, a rapidly growing municipality in Nigeria has been reviewed through literature and other relevant documents. In addition, information from in-depth interviews conducted on senior government officials and industry stakeholders


Hospital Waste Management in Ondo State South West Nigeria

Globally, the concept of sustainability is currently increasing because there is need to conserve and preserve the environment. This study investigates waste management practices in some selected hospitals in Ondo State. The research focuses on some selected hospitals in densely populated regions of the state. Five (3 public and 2 privates) hospitals were assessed, their