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I Did Not Sign Up for This: Effectively Teaching Students with Emotional Behavior Disorders

The movement towards the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities presents the increasing need for general education teachers to be efficient in providing quality instruction. However, are the givers of knowledge, motivators of success, encouragers of critical thinking that are put in front of students equipped to support students who present with emotional and


Understanding Help-Seeking Behavior Among Filipino University Students

There is an increase of mental health concerns among university students, compared to previous generations, as relationships and academic demands become more complex. The researchers explored students’ perceptions and the experiences they go through in seeking help, specifically problem awareness, decision to seek help and support system. 14 respondents from different colleges and universities in


Self-Care Plan of College Freshman Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Philippines

The covid-19 pandemic affects not only physical health but also mental health and wellbeing. Loss of loved ones, fear of being infected by the virus, threats to the financial stability of their family, changes in normal routines, and feelings of isolation can contribute to increased anxiety, sadness, and loneliness which pose a greater danger for