Category: Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth


International Business and Economic Growth: The Dimensions and Challenges of Internationalization

This paper will examine the context of globalization and the development of companies. It is now established that internationalization is one of the essential strategic components from the outset. Smaller companies have an advantage due to the flexibility provided by their small size and dimension of a structure such as a representative office abroad. Whatever


Value Creation in Photovoltaic Supply Chain Through Market and Product Diversification: Insights From Emerging Building Integrated PV Segment

The recent years in the PV industry have been marked with a severe imbalance of manufacturing capacities and demand, which led to abrupt market shocks and end-product price volatility. Moreover, the Chinese fast-follower producers managed to grasp the significant competitive advantages, both, in terms of scale and technological advancements. Under such conditions, the PV segments


An Empirical Study of Cloud Maturity across Industries

The cloud adoption can be regarded as a paragon shift of business transaction, which will accompany with business process reengineering. How do cloud systems be implemented to enhance the business processes across industries? By conducting a empirical survey, this study focuses on the comparison of the cloud adoption across industries in Taiwan. This research project