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The Study of the Behavior, Attitude and Satisfaction of High School in M. 6th Grade in the bangKok Region in Accessing New and Information About Mahidol University International College Through Online Social Media

The purpose of this research project is to study the behavior, attitude and satisfaction of the respondents with respect to news and information distributed through the social media of Mahidol University International College among high school students in Bangkok. Data was collected from a total of 429 sets of 6 schools whose high students apply


Moodling English Presentation Skills: A Constructivist Instructional Design for Thai Adult Learners in Distance Education

Beyond traditional undergraduates, Thai adult learners from diverse backgrounds in higher education lack a firm foundation in spoken English. The prevalent mode of distance learning limits the opportunities for utilizing life experience and fostering presentation skills in English to the fullest possible extent, when compared to a campus classroom. The Moodle platform has created a