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Redefining Crafts and Crafts Enterprise in the Twenty-First Century: A Theoretical Analysis

When studying crafts as a tangible material culture associated with intangible heritage contexts, it is essential to investigate the terms objectification, material culture and artefact. These three terms are connected with the concepts of ‘thing’, socialization, production, biography, exchange, art, fetishism, taste, lifestyle, consumption, values, history, place and landscape (Tilley, 2010); therefore, it is very


Writing Forces: Revisiting the Aesthetic Concept of Shi 勢 in Chinese Calligraphy Criticism

Ideas regarding forces in things – and artists’ sensations and presentations of such forces – have been discussed by Western theorists Theodor Lipps, Rudolf Arnheim and Gilles Deleuze. For example, Deleuze, in “Painting Forces,” pronounced that art is about rendering invisible forces visible. This paper concerns Chinese calligraphy, an East Asian art that since its


Solving Problems and Pleasing Patrons: The Case Study of the Egyptian Artists Who Decorated the Xviiith Dynasty Private Theban Tombs

This study is focused on the artists involved in the decoration of the private Theban tombs of the nobles of the Egyptian XVIIIth Dynasty, who were part of the court and usually had a close relationship with the king. These private tombs, full of vivacious and original decorations, have been a focus of attention for