Category: Art and Design Education for Sustainable Development


Design Education for Sustainability and New Social Changes

This paper is an ongoing research study that highlights sustainability and social ventures to create connections between academic and business worlds in order to design towards the new functions of XXI century’s reality. The authors underline how design practices can help to create a pilot project, implementing social changes. This means that governmental inefficiency presents


Achievement of Program Outcomes in Between Dance Students of Creative Art Program During a Pandemic and Endemic of COVID -19

Since 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Coronavirus disease and is also known as Covid-19, has triggered a pandemic (World Health Organization, 2021). This phenomenon affects the education sector, including the tertiary education system (Pangayan, 2021). These effects and changes also occur in the learning of the Fundamental of Dance Arts course (CA10302) offered in


Digital Transformation in Art Education for Pre-service and In-service Primary School Teachers: Potential and Challenges

The sudden disruption of normal classes caused by COVID-19 and the transition to Emergency Remote Teaching in Higher Education brought into focus the challenges as well as the opportunities afforded through remote learning-teaching to offer high quality educational experiences (Azorìn 2020, Harris 2020, Hodges et al 2020, Rapanta et al 2020, UNESCO, 2020). The new


Teaching the SDGs: Content-Based Research and Virtual International Exchange via Multimedia

Virtually everyone currently living in the modern world with access to the global media is familiar with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (a.k.a. the SDGs). The ubiquity of the symbol, the logo, and the colorful icon is such that these commitments made in 2015 are recognizable around the globe. This is particularly true in