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ChatGPT in the ESL Classroom: A Qualitative Exploration of Teachers’ Reflections on Practical Applications, Outcomes, and Future Implications

As interest rapidly grows in integrating AI tools like ChatGPT into education, perspectives remain limited from ESL teachers with practical first-hand experience implementing ChatGPT across skills in their classrooms. Thus, this paper explores ESL teachers’ experiences and perspectives integrating ChatGPT into their classrooms across core language skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing. This study


The Effectiveness of ChatGPT in Enhancing English Language Proficiency and Reducing Second Language Anxiety (L2)

This study investigates the effectiveness of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT3.5, in enhancing interaction skills and reducing second language (L2) anxiety in English language teaching. The study is situated in the context of the rapid advancements in AI technology and its increasing significance in educational settings, particularly in computer-assisted language learning. The aim of this study


NINE: Digital Counseling Guide for Teenagers’ Instant Messaging with AI

Technology plays a significant role in our lives, transforming industries and offering innovative applications. However, to use technology effectively, it is crucial to understand how it works. It is also essential to use technology and social media responsibly, be mindful of the time spent using it, safeguard personal information online, and treat others respectfully when


Student’s Perceptions of Google Translate for Spanish Language Learning: A Study Across Four Continents

Considering the possibilities and limitations of online resources for teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, students can use digital tools such as e-dictionaries or artificial intelligence to improve vocabulary and writing skills. Although the use of these tools presents a challenge and requires the establishment of new usage norms, this exploratory study examines the perception


Language Assessment Using Word Family-Based Automated Item Generation: Evaluating Item Quality Using Teacher Ratings

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has initiated a new era in language assessment practices, revolutionizing the field with its innovative approaches. This study introduces an advanced Automated Item Generation (AIG) system that utilizes word families as a foundation to automatically generate test items. The primary objective of this research is to investigate the