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The Development of Typology Matrixes on Design Patterns Inspired by the Mangroves Species of Sungai Merbok

More than 30 species of mangroves have been identified in Sungai Merbok, Kedah, Malaysia and are considered to be the most extensive collection of mangroves species in the world. Because of the profound natural and historical elements, Sungai Merbok is now has been identified as a second natural biosphere in the world and is recognised


Depicting the Cultural Product Design Process – An Grounded Theory Approach

This is the age of niche market, designers are challenged to design from their cultural context, to highlight the cultural value of the product. Therefore, designers become agents of cultural context, and should understand how cultural product acquire and communicate cultural meanings. However, the design process of cultural products remains a black box that needed


Moscow on the Connecticut River: How a Russian Iconic Design Continues to Define an American City

Besides developing the first revolver, 19th century arms-maker Samuel Colt was a brilliant PR man and traveling businessman, personally visiting with prime ministers and other heads of state whose armies might become potential buyers of his gun. One of his travels took him to Russia, where he was impressed by the iconic onion-shaped domes adorning