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Government Officials Perceptions of Public Relations in Indonesia

This research attempts to illustrate the perception of Public Relations (PR) profession in Indonesia. Adapting past research from Sterne in 2010 which research described media perception in New Zealand, this particular research explore the perceptions not from the media, but from government officials. Information was extracted from representative of government officials since they represent the


Police-Community Relationship in Kuwait: Public Relation Approach

Police force is an important element of society which has been vigorously investigated by scholars and thoroughly examined by social researchers. This paper intends to explore the Kuwaiti police in relation to its community from a public relations perspective. The co-creational approach, a major public relations theoretical concept, assumes that both the police and the


Advertorials as a Public Relations Tool and its Impact on Newspapers and Readers

Advertorials are regarded a potent form of communication, albeit with a reputation for deception. It is a portmanteau of two words advertising and editorial and refers to any piece of communication (in any media) that is sponsored by a brand and endorsed by a publisher. The key difference between advertorial and editorial content rests in


The Construction of City Image in Micro-Filmsthe: The Case of Taipei City Government

Due to the emergence and the widespread of the Internet and the mobile device technology, micro-film has become one of the popular communication forms. Not only business enterprises, but also government departments adopt it for the city marketing. This paper not only tries to analyze the construction of city image in these micro-films, but also


Public Service Announcement for “Public Interest”?

The public service announcement or advertising (PSA) is conceptualized as “public spot” in Turkey. The term is used for short films or announcements which are produced on behalf of public institutions or non-governmental organizations. The aim of the PSA is to inform or educate citizens about the subject on public interest. Turkey has witnessed the