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The Effectiveness of Academic Literacy Courses in Postsecondary Institutions in Ontario: The Development of an Evaluation Tool

Academic literacy classes in postsecondary institutions are vital in advancing students’ literacy skills and, thus, enabling students’ capacity to endure and prevail in advanced education. However, lower literacy levels have been an issue for many students that enter or attend postsecondary studies. Institutions have noted that some students fail to meet the demands of postsecondary


Typography Education as a Tool to Potentiate Art Nouveau Museums

This article results from a masterclass given to European Réseau Art Nouveau Network technicians. Its main objectives were to raise awareness of the potential of Art Nouveau museum collections of the different cities aggregated to the Art Nouveau network, in contemporary typographic development and the implementation of museographic practices involving different audiences for this thematic.


Doctoral Side Effects: Damage Limitation Versus Unexpected Benefits to PhD Research in a Pandemic

In May 2021, following up on a publication by PhD Design students of the University of Porto on the topic of the various kinds of impact of the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in doctoral research, the authors organised an informal online meeting for Arts and Humanities PhD students and recent graduates. The goal was to share


Mechanical 2021: Educational Game Concept to Promote Sustainable Thinking and Cooperation in Basic Education in Brazil

This work aims to present the results of preliminary tests of the concept of a board game whose objective was to make people aware of the importance of their social/environmental responsibility related to the treatment and collection of plastic and electronic waste. The game is not characterized by competition between players, but cooperation, as it