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December 25: Hawaii 2016 Conferences Added
January 15: Dubai 2016 Conferences Added
January 18: All Autumn 2014 Conferences Added
January 18: All 2015 Conferences Added
February 17: Dubai 2016 Conferences Updated
March 24: ACP/ACERP 2016 Conferences Added
March 26: ACEID 2016 Conference Added
March 29: ACAH/LibrAsia 2016 Conferences Added
April 21: ACLL/ACTC 2016 Conferences Added
May 22: ACAS/ACCS/IICJ 2016 Conferences Added
June 2: ACSS/ACSEE/AGen 2016 Conferences Added
June 23: ECE/ECTC/ECLL 2016 Conferences Added
June 24: ECP/ECERP 2016 Conferences Added
June 30: EBMC/ECPEL/ECSS/ECSEE 2016 Conferences Added
July 5: ECAH/ECCS/EuroMedia/LibEuro 2016 Conferences Added
July 9: City/Global 2016 Conferences Added
October 5: ABMC/ACPEL 2016 Conference Added
October 6: ACE ACSET AURS 2016 Conference Added
October 7: MediAsia FilmAsia 2016 Conference Added

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