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State Capture: Judicial Review of Administrative Law in Bailout Century Policy

Accountability is the key to good governance. In global administrative law, every policy made should be accountable. The given law should be accessible for public. When global financial crisis happened, many countries didn’t have the necessary rules to solve problems arose. In Indonesia, the decision from government to bailout century bank is controversial as of


Ineffectiveness of Enforcement of the Constitutional Court’s Decision in Indonesia

According to the Indonesian Constitution, the Constitutional Court holds the authority to judicial review the constitutionality of legislation, and the decision shall be final and binding. Data from the official website of the Constitutional Court shows that there is a steady increase in the number of judicial review petitions submitted to the Constitutional Court which


The Contract of Assignment in Public Procurement Law

Contracts are legally binding between two signing parties. In some cases, rights can be transferred to third parties with respect to certain conditions, expressly and strictly mentioned in the Civil Code. The assignment is one of this type and means the transfer of rights from one person, the transferee, to another person, the transferor. It is


Public Debt and Improvement of Laws on Public Debt Management in Vietnam

In the highly unstable context of current world economy, public debt has become a hot issue that many countries are concerning. In Vietnam, in the industrialization and modernization progress, the country needs more capital and technology to restructure the economy and facilitate economic development, social stability and sustainable direction. Over the years, Vietnam has organized