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Porphyry, An Anti-Christian Plotinian Platonist

Porphyry, the Phoenician polymath, having studied with Plotinus when he was thirty years old, was a well-known Hellenic philosopher, an opponent of Christianity, a defender of Paganism and was born in Tyre, in the Roman Empire. We know of his anti-Christian ideology and of his defence of traditional Roman religions, by means of a fragment


The Complaint of Rumi’s Reed: It’s Significance as the Identity of Man in the Concept of Existence

The Quran opens with “In the Name of God the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate”. Muslims read this verse in their daily life, in prayer, before eat and even before driving. For the Muslims this verse is not only a way of life that is rooted in tradition, but also it signifies a cosmological and