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A Cultural Reflection: The Auspicious Sign in Miscellaneous Notes of the Tang Dynasty (618-907)

The belief in auspicious sign from the scientific point of view may probably be regarded as a kind of superstition, but for many of the people in their nations, it has become a part of their folk culture. Such a belief comes basically from the seeking and fondness of auspiciousness which should be ordinary and


Is a Paternal Nephew’s Right to Inherit His Uncle’s Estate Indisputable: The Enlightening Case of Tsang Yuet Mui

The British Law has been enforced in Hong Kong since 1842, but the cases involving Chinese traditional practices were still judged on the basis of traditional laws of China, i.e. the Qing Code and related customs. As for the succession to estate, the Chinese society of Hong Kong followed the traditional convention of succession in


Standard Chinese Characters and Their Role in Cultural Heritage

Hanzi is a system of ideograms that encodes the Chinese language built on the integrated representation of form, sound and meaning of matters and deeds. Over several thousand years, it has been playing an important role for cultural heritage in establishing a record of the language, history and life of the Chinese people. Only until