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Optimization of Electrical Generation Cost Using Differential Evolutionary Algorithm for Large Four Regions Electrical Grid

In this paper, a techno-economic assessment of electrical generation cost optimization for four region large electrical grid is presented. This optimization was attained by using the Differential Evolutionary Algorithm (DEA). The study is the first of its kind as none of the previous studies were conducted in the context of a real fuel value and


Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector of the European Union: Identification of Promising Policy Instruments and Private Initiatives

The article is based on updated findings of the Horizon 2020 EUFORIE Project (European Futures for Energy Efficiency). This study draws on five case studies from selected European countries ā€” Finland, Italy, Hungary, Spain, UK ā€” and evaluate the policies and the role of the private sector to stimulate investments in energy efficiency in the


Significance of Household Composition on Electricity Consumption and Carbon Emissions

There are various household composition including with the number of member and the age of each member. The consumption pattern of member in each age range are different. Although two households may have the same number of member but may have different pattern of consumption because the age of each member in each household are