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Determinants of Foreign Subsidiary Exploring Location-Specific Advantages: Capability Transfer and Experience Accumulation

Concerning the increase of foreign investment activities and changes of global environment, performance of foreign subsidiaries has been a crucial issue. According to the classification of FDI motivation, we identify four types of location-specific advantages such as market advantage, resource advantage, efficiency advantage, and strategic asset advantage. Each advantage is complement with different ownership advantage


Improvement of law on Anti-Money Laundering through Commercial Banks in Vietnam – Some Lessons from Some other ASEAN Countries

Currently, the phenomenon of money laundering through commercial banks which are the intermediary financial institutions has become more complex and sophisticated. As a member of Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG), together with the international community, Vietnam has actively participated in preventing and combating money laundering. Although the legal framework on anti-money laundering in


The Global Economic System is in a Reverse Direction and No One Repaired it

The way money has been handled is directly related to the multiple crises facing humanity. The existence of debt allows domination among social classes, among nations and, consequently, super-exploitation of the human being over nature. This study aimed to question the debt logic, which is the basis of the current global economic system. By observing