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Confronting Science Anxiety Through ‘in Dialogue with Nature’ – A Science Core-Text General Education Course

Science anxiety is a common phenomenon among students taking traditional science courses, including some science-related general education courses. It has been observed that science anxiety hinders students from effective scientific literacy and confident application of science skills to solve problems. ‘In Dialogue with Nature’ (UGFN1000) is a compulsory general education course for undergraduates of The Chinese


The Influence of Educational Psychology Variables on Student Grades in an Introductory Economics Course

Abstract. In the two principles of microeconomics classes that I taught during the 2013 academic year, one hundred seventy students participated in the completion of five questionnaires. The first questionnaire covered determinants of student performance recognized in economic education and they include GPA, student classification, employment status, gender, age, race, and attendance. The other questionnaires