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Student Anxiety and Learning Difficulties in Academic English Courses

Anxiety and learning difficulties are an increasingly common feature in language learning courses in all educational levels. By the time students with these issues enter university they may have had a variety of positive or negative experiences with foreign language learning, and may have developed a number of coping mechanisms to manage their conditions. The purpose


Effects of social context on foreign language anxiety among university English learners in Hong Kong

This study explored the effects of social context on foreign language anxiety among university English learners in Hong Kong. Given that English competence is widely considered as the key to career opportunities, while speaking English with a Hong Kong accent can invite social stigma, it was assumed that such factors might be potential sources of


I Am Afraid of Learning English: The Interplay between Anxiety and Learning Experience on Indonesian Senior High School Students Academic Performances

The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of learning experience and anxiety on senior high school students’ academic performance in Indonesia. A small-scale of quantitative research was done using convenience sampling. Two kinds of data collection administered were questionnaire and students’ academic record. 40 items of Likert scale questionnaires were distributed to


Motivational Changes and Their Effects on Achievement: Japanese High School English Learners

This longitudinal study investigates (a) changes in Japanese high school English learners’ motivation over the 3 years of high school, and (b) whether their motivational changes over the high school years predict achievement at the end of high school. A questionnaire was developed drawing on the Attitude/Motivation Test Battery (Gardner, 1985) and the self-determination-theory scale


The Implementation of Teacher’s Motivational Strategy in EFL Classrooms

This study aims at describing how EFL (model) teachers in Junior High school, Senior High School, and Vocational High School under FISS educational program, generate student’s initial motivation in learning EFL, identifying the strategies done by those model teachers to maintain student’s motivation in learning EFL, and revealing how those model teachers encourage positive retrospective