Modeling Choice Behavior of Delivery Provider of Online Auctioneer


Digital technology has provided a new paradigm of our society and changed our life’s interaction with the Internet. As an efficient and flexible sales channel, companies can use auction sites to liquidate unwanted inventory, as well as to assist in pricing new products, acquiring new markets for low-margin items, and reaching markets that would be too costly using traditional distribution methods. Online auction is a new type of shopping methods due to the convenient internet. In Taiwan, many e-commerce-related deliveries are operated by third party logistics providers. In the electronic commerce dealing, the service of delivering consumers' orders to buyers can be seen as the last mile of logistics service, especially for the individual online auction through the C2C transaction. This paper explores the structure of logistic for retailing delivery, home delivery and post service for online auction. The data were collected from 317 surveyed students who have experienced purchasing goods via online auction. We divided these respondents into two distinct segments by shopping frequency for online auction. Then we applied multinomial logit model to understand what relevant factors would affect online auction sellers’ choice behavior of logistic in delivery service. Finally, we discussed the findings from a managerial perspective and suggest directions for future research.

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Yi-Wen Kuo, Shu-Te University, Taiwan

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Conference: ACP2013
Stream: Psychology

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