Connectedness between Individual, Community and Environmental Factors in the Process of Recovery People Affected Merapi Eruption in 2010


The process of recovery of people after exposure to a natural disaster usually always is seen as the individual process. However, recently many researches disaster-related found that social, including environmental factors, also influence not only the process of recovery but also how people understand the disaster that they experienced. It is Important for Indonesia as a country vulnerable to disaster, it is important to explore the role of connectedness between individual, community and environment in the process of recovery after disaster. This research objective is to determine how the role of connectivity between people, community and environment in the process of recovery aftermath situation. Qualitative methods with focus group discussion and in-depth interview were the methods to explore people experience with disaster and the influences of community and their relatedness with their environment is influence their condition after Merapi eruption. Participant’s observation will be the supplementary method that complete the data gathered from interview and focus group discussion. This research shows the sense of togetherness is very pronounced in comparison with individuality. Responses explain that sense of togetherness was particularly apparent from the public response to disasters; the consequences of the disaster and how social support from the community probably becomes the supporting factor for the recovery process after a disaster. Family has an important role as one of social supports that help people handle disaster situations and cope with its effect. Almost all the informants showed their relatedness with mount Merapi in the form of personification (a term or a specific name), the belief of Merapi as part of the "family", and the belief that human behavior towards the environment around Merapi will result in an impact on their lives.

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Mellia Christia, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

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Conference: ACP2013
Stream: Psychology

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