Study of Health Practice of Postpartum Women Living in Urban of Nakhonratchasima and Nearby Who Received Family Health Service by Nursing Students During Year 2005 to 2009


This research studyies the behaviors of postpartum women composed of antenatal care, using folk-postpartum medicine, newborn feeding, and family planning. Data collection was via retrospective method which operated from the registration books of maternal and newborn services belonging to the department of family and community nursing. The books were used to record learning activities of third-year nursing students who gave home visits to partum women in urban and the nearby area of Amphoe Mueang Nakhonratchasima between the years 2005 to 2009. These activities are a part of The Practical Family and Community Health Nursing part 1 under the bachelor of nursing. The results are shown as follows,:
1. The average age of postpartum women from year 2005 to 2009 was very similar.
The overall 5-year average age was 27.21 years.
2. Postpartum women aged 20-25 years are most at 27.64 percent, followed by the 26-30 year age group at 27.29 and found that postpartum women younger than 20 years to be 15.21 percent and more than 35 years of age up to 11.75 percent.
3. Average gestational age at first antenatal care during the five years was 14.78 weeks and found to be similar each year.
4. Postpartum women used folk medicine or alcoholic herb or "Yadong" similarly to average 5 years as 12.64 percent and found the annual rate of not less than 10 percent.
5. Rate of breastfeeding was 68.79 percent, infant formula milk was 9.47 percent for the five-year average and both together was 21.74 percent and using just infant formula milk continuous decrease of 11.30 percent in year 2005 to 7.53 percent in 2008 and only 6.74 a percent in 2009.
6. Contraceptive methods, through the 5 years, showed the popular methods were contraceptive injection and pills with similar use rates in each year including other methods.

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Manothai Wongsala, Borommarajonani College of Nursing Nakhonratchasima, Thailand

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Conference: ACAH2013
Stream: Arts & Humanities

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