A Simple Glimpse of the Present Times Hand in Hand with Dao De Jing


Chinese philosophy highlights human experience where practical wisdom is attained. Dao De Jing is an ancient Chinese philosophy, while postmodernism pervades the everydayness of cutting edge and cyber world technology which are manifestations of the “uncarved block.” Advanced science and technology, advance research, and advanced information, among others, are always in relation to human being’s conditions. Whereas, Dao De Jing claims that things are shaped according to their nature and relational conditions fulfill them. Chinese people live meaningfully by using common sense. Postmodernism’s principal approach is deconstruction which does not exclude that which originates from common sense. In Dao De Jing the wise rescues and nothing is excluded. Postmodernism preserves nature and life towards the future destiny of reality. Dao De Jing views that nature will proceed back to the origin/reality: to return to the destiny of being.
Incessant process of change explored the richness of the nature of things through the nature of human work. At present, humanity is humanizing itself because it prioritizes to preserve the world and life. Advanced science, technology, information, knowledge, and research, intend to preserve nature and life which is simply going back to reality and nature, Dao: a promising destiny of life and the future. “Reverse is the movement of Tao…Great capacity is successful in later days…Tao furnishes all things and fulfills them” (Dao De Jing, Ch. 40-41).
Perhaps, postmodern and ancient Chinese realities can be reconciled after all?

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Wilhelm Alfredo Julian, De La Salle University, Philippines

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Conference: ACAH2013
Stream: Arts & Humanities

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Posted by James Alexander Gordon