Using a Collaborative Modern Board Game to Characterise Problem-solving Experiences in Physiotherapy Students


New paradigms for curriculums designing in health professions defend the inclusion of structured methodologies to train comprehensive skills for problem-solving. This paper aimed to characterize the physiotherapy students’ problem-solving experiences using a collaborative modern board game (MBG). An exploratory study was performed with a purposive sample of 17 physiotherapy students recruited from the School of Health Sciences of Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. Participants were included if they were: 18 yrs.; physiotherapy students and agreed to voluntarily participate. They participated in a 2-hours learning experience using the MBG TEAM 3, that is played in teams of three players, with each player taking different roles: the monkey who can't speak, the monkey who can't see, the monkey in the middle. At the end, each participant fulfill a questionnaire about the personal experience in the following domains, using a likert scale of 1- 7 (I total agree): Team working (TW) (personal feeling of competence to play -TW1; empathy to other players - TW2); innovative and creative thinking (ICT) (creative expression of opportunities - ICT1; freedom to experiment new things - ICT2). Descriptive statistics and the Spearman rank were calculated to characterize students’ perspectives and to describe relationships between TW abilities and ICT. Participants (4 males; 20.14±4.34 yrs.) presented the following mean values ICT1(5.05±1.24); TW2(6.05±0.97); ICT1(4.95±1.40); ICT2(5.85±0.96). The TW1 was significantly correlated with ICT1 (r=0.44; p=0.048*); ICT2 (r=0.45; p=0.041*). This study demonstrated the potential of MBG to characterise and monitor personal learning experiences in problem-solving scenarios for physiotherapy students.

Author Information
Marlene Rosa, School of Health Sciences Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal
Micael Sousa, University of Coimbra, Portugal

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Conference: ECE2021
Stream: Learning Experiences

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Rosa M., & Sousa M. (2021) Using a Collaborative Modern Board Game to Characterise Problem-solving Experiences in Physiotherapy Students ISSN: 2188-1162 The European Conference on Education 2021: Official Conference Proceedings
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