The Establishment of an Enduring City: From the Perspective of “Sakuteiki”

From the Asuka to Heian Period, the location of the city changed several times in Japan. The planning of cities was made with reference to old Chinese cities and their concepts. In this study, we look at these transitions as an overview. Heian-Kyo, meaning "tranquility and peace capital," was a city that was built on these concepts. This study considers the establishment of this city using the Earthly branches and “Sakuteiki,” which is the oldest Japanese theory on the creation of a garden. It proposes a rough framework or hypothesis of the Heian-Kyo construction. The location was carefully selected and several legends were introduced.

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Naokata Okajima

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Conference: HCNY2018
Stream: Descriptive/documentary approaches to intellectual heritage/in terms of thought/language/and cultural/artistic performances and traditions

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