ISSN: 2435-5240 The Southeast Asian Conference on Education 2021: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: July 8th, 2021

SEACE2021 – held online from Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore
Thursday, May 13, 2021 ​to Saturday, May 15, 2021
ISSN: 2435-5240

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Using Predictive Analytics to Identify First-Year Engineering Students at Risk of Failing Engineering Physics
Low Beng Yew
Cha Cher Liang
Teoh Cheng Yong
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Preparing Teachers for Rural Schools in Indonesia: A Case Study of Teachers’ Professional Development Program
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Physics Teachers’ Conception of a Supportive Learning Environment
Kim P. Diate
Ivy Claire V. Mordeno
Amelia T. Buan
Elesar V. Malicoban
Neal Alfie Y. Lasta
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The Effect of Gender and Learning Styles on L2 Learners’ Writing Performance at Higher Education
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Technology Integration: Implication for Teachers’ Professional Development
Lian Krizzia G. Rosales
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A Within-Asia Comparison in English Language Classroom Anxiety
Hiromi Oda
Jatrifia Sinatrya
Uyun Nishar
Andrew Foong
Naoko Ichii
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Design Thinking Applied to Advertising Design Courses to Enhance Students’ Learning Achievement
Fang Ching-Jung
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Stories and Experiences in the Time of Pandemic: Online Conversations of Filipino Student Affairs and Services Practitioners
Leandro A. Loyola
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A Critical Analysis of Prevention Science Framework: An Examination of Student Discipline Programs
Diana Genevive H. Layag
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The Relationship between Intercultural Communication Competence and Perceived Challenges and Its Effect on the Perceived Success of International Students in Japan
Yinghui Jia
Eunyoung Kim
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Distance Education in Hong Kong Preschools: Learning and Teaching During COVID-19 School Closures
Anika Saxena
Rebecca Smith
Aylin Kip
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Maximising Student Engagement in Online and Blended Learning: A Survey of Learner Preferences
Arturo Molina-Cristóbal
Idris Lim
Fan Hong
Christian Della
Jolly Atit Shah
Vicki Dale
Duncan Bremner
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