ISSN: 2186-5906 – The Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 1st, 2013

1: Social Media Usage, Over-Usage and Addictive Patterns

2: Globalization and Internationalization: Performance and Outlook

3: Communication Ethics and the Media's Social Responsibility: Power & Responsibility in an Era of Change’

November 2-4 2012, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-5906

Proceedings Contents

Modeling the Organizational Functions of Book Typography

Shahnil Asmar Saaid

Zaridah Abdullah

Khedher A Hmood pp. 1-10 View PDF

Media Affecting Upon or Affected By Foreign Policy: The Case of Pakistan

Abida Eijaz pp. 11-23 View PDF

Developing New Media Literacy among Secondary School Students in Malaysia: Case Studies of Media Making on Environmental Issues

Prasad Nunna Venkata

Shanthi Balraj pp. 24-35 View PDF

The Political-Economic Narratives of Philippine Media Spaces and the Scientific Discourse of Conflict for Journalism Practice

Shirley Palileo-Evidente

Ledrolen Manriquez pp. 36-49 View PDF

Personality Traits and Demographic Profile Predicting Social Networking Sites Usage in Thailand

Vikanda Pornsakulvanich

Nuchada Dumrongsiri pp. 50-60 View PDF

Interrupted Social Peace: Hate Speech in Turkish Media

H. Esra Arcan pp. 61-72 View PDF

Australia’s ‘Inland Tsunami’: Media and Meaning

Lyndon Small pp. 73-85 View PDF

A Study on the Scene Space Organization and Section Line Composition in Hayao Miyasaki 's Animations

Yu-Lou Lee

Shyh-Bao Chiang

Chung-Jung Wu

Li-Chieh Chen pp. 86-96 View PDF

Online Shopping Behavior in Taiwan and Indonesia

Goh Yi-Sheng

Nicky Priambodo

Shieh Meng-Dar pp. 97-107 View PDF

The Adoring Users: Youth, Fandom and Obsessive Social Media Using Pattern

Pulung Setiosuci Perbawani pp. 108-115 View PDF

The Democratic Potential of Video Making and Creative Visual: A Case Study of Teenagers and Environmental Issues in Penang and Miri, Malaysia

Ik Ying Ngu

Shanthi Balraj pp. 116-125 View PDF

Factors Affecting the Local Cable Television Expansion in 6 Provinces of the Upper Central Part of Thailand

Naruemon Pinto pp. 126-136 View PDF

A Postmodern Representation of Fairy Tales

Li-Huai Chang

Ding-Bang Luh pp. 137-143 View PDF

Strategies of Product Placement in TV Dramas

Pin Chun Chen

Hui Fei Lin

Shu Ning Tang pp. 144-174 View PDF

The Impact of Background Music in TV Ads on Persuasion

Pin Chun Chen

Hui Fei Lin

Shu Ning Tang pp. 175-200 View PDF

Grassroots Gatekeeping: Crowdsourcing of Information and Activism in the Internet Age

Jennifer McGee pp. 201-226 View PDF

Speaking through Broadcast Media: Multimodal Text and Rhetoric

Suranti Trisnawati pp. 227-239 View PDF

Social Media Use and Social Capital: How the Social Media Affect Chinese International Students' Social Capital and Wellbeing

Yu Guo

Naoya Ito pp. 240-248 View PDF

The Power of Repetition: The Role of Reblogging in the Case of a Failed Innovation

Erina Kondo pp. 249-266 View PDF

Research on the Role that Plays in Parody and Social Media Persuasion

Shih-Hao Chiu

Hui-Wen Lin pp. 267-282 View PDF

Performance and Outlook Public Participation through Citizen Journalism in Newspaper (Case study in Local Newspaper “Suara Merdeka”)

Ririn Risnawati

Sri Syamsiyah Lestari Sjafiie pp. 283-290 View PDF

Stop the Linsanity: Jeremy Lin and the Limits of “Race” and “Racism” in Media Coverage

Dan Molden pp. 291-301 View PDF

Social Media Empowerment: How Social Media Help to Boost Women Entrepreneurship in Indonesian Urban Areas

Ezmieralda Melissa

Anis Hamidati

Muninggar Sri Saraswati pp. 302-315 View PDF

The Relationship of Social Motivation and Advertisement Effect on Facebook

Chih-Lun Huang

Wan-Ting Chao

Yong-Sun Su pp. 316-324 View PDF

New Tools for Development Communication

Archana Kumari pp. 325-334 View PDF

Peers’ Validation, Mobile Phone Involvement and Family Cohesion among Secondary School Children

Zaridah Abdullah

Hani Zulaikha Zulkifly

Shanil Asmar Saaid

Faizah Din pp. 335-345 View PDF

The Future is Automatic: ICTs, Automation, and the Futurist Imagination

Kyle Alexander Thompson pp. 346-357 View PDF

Harmony between Human and Nature Performed by Non-contact Ultra-Wideband Sensor

Kuang-I Chang

Mu-Yu Tsai

Jyun-Long Chen pp. 358-366 View PDF

Net Uyoku: A Global Confrontation of Radical Nationalism in the Borderless World

Shusuke Murai pp. 367-379 View PDF

A Comparative Study between Concentration and Distraction

Jesvin Puay-Hwa Yeo

Teng-Wan Quek pp. 380-388 View PDF

‘Love reality show’ as a Form of Lifestyle Television: A Case Study of a Korean Reality Show The Romantic

Young Chan Kim pp. 389-397 View PDF

Organizational Climate Profile of Radio Stations in Bandung (The City with the Most Number of Radio Stations in Indonesia)

Firly Savitri

Yuddy Saputra pp. 398-409 View PDF

Watchdog Journalism in South Korea: Reporting Economic Corruptions

Ki-Sung Kwak pp. 410-419 View PDF

How Did BBC Report China in London Olympics?

Huang Li pp. 420-428 View PDF

A Refined Heuristic Principles for Instructional Media Sharing Platform Evaluation

Yu-hao Wu

Tay-sheng Jeng

Yi-shin Deng pp. 429-449 View PDF

In Search of the Elusive “Cultural Discount”: Comparing Determinants of Foreign-Language and Domestic Film Success at the US Box Office

Robert Day

Hideyuki Tanaka pp. 450-466 View PDF

Apply Sound Performance to Web-based Instruction

Lung-Mei Hsiao

Fong-Ming Xu pp. 467-474 View PDF

Globalization and Internationalization : Need to change established understanding

Chaitanya Prakash Yogi pp. 475-481 View PDF

Emerging Forms of Internet-Enabled Political Participation in Malaysia

Sara Chinnasamy
Mary Griffiths pp. 482-496 View PDF

Computational Journalism

Jerry Platt pp. 497-508 View PDF

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