ISSN: 2186-5906 – The Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 1st, 2012

The Second Asian Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2011

"New Horizons"

November 4-6 2011, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-5906

LBGT Social Networking Sites in Thailand: Power Beyond Frontier
Neunghathai Khopolklang
(pp. 1-7)
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News Coverage of the Great East Japan Earthquake: A Framing Analysis of the
Yomiuri Shimbun and the People's Daily
Akira Jing Zhang
(pp. 8-23)
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The Use of News Graphics and Infographics in Iran's Modern Public Relations
Amir Masoud Amir Mazaheri, Maryam Salimi
(pp. 24-34)
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Growth of Print Media in Pakistan from the Perspective of Economic and Social
Shahzad Ali
(pp. 35-53)
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Thai Film in the 21th Century: The Road from Censorship to Film Literacy
Passawan Korakotchamas
(pp. 54-64)
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The Practices of Media Regulation in the Private Domain: Muslim Families
Mediating Children’s Television and Internet use in Indonesia
(pp. 65-79)
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Where are the Women who Broke the Glass Ceiling? Media Bias Against Female
Executives in U.S. Newspapers
Youjin Kelly Hur
(pp. 80-117)
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Enterprise Social Network and Employees’ Performance Improvement: An
Empirical Investigation
Kitikhun Luanpreeda
(pp. 332-346)
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Variation of Internet Public Opinion During State Visit: Take Obama's Visit to
China as an Example
Yanqin Qin, Yun Peng, Wenting Zou, Linda Zhou, Linda Zhou, Jiong Gong
(pp. 118-125)
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Media as a Network of Globalization
Olavi K Fält
(pp. 126-134)
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"Where The Growth of Creativity Brings the Rise of Creative Economy" Message
Creation to Enhance Creative economy in Thailand: The Study of TCDC:
Thailand Creative and Design Center
Prapassorn Chansatitporn
(pp. 135-143)
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"Trojan Horses" and "Safe Zones": Islam, Identity and Negotiation Via Social
Nasya Bahfen
(pp. 144-150)
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Contested Meaning of Ethnic Advertising in Malaysia
Rozita Abdullah
(pp. 151-159)
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New Program Projects Selection for TV Companies Applying ANP Approach
Kuei-Lun Chang
(pp. 160-169)
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Visual Signification and Postmodernity in Thai Print Advertising
Anchalee Pichedpan
(pp. 170-178)
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Gender Representation in Thai Television Advertising
Douglas Rhein
(pp. 179-192)
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Media Influences on Male or Female Teens in Thailand
Wilawan Phornphatcharaphong
(pp. 193-202)
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Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Implementation of Listed Companies in
the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Voraparn Eua-arporn
(pp. 203-216)
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The Globalization of Beauty: The Face of Indonesian Girls in Contemporary
Indonesian Teen Magazines
Diah Ariani Arimbi
(pp. 217-230)
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Social Construction of Humor in Thai Sitcom Television Programmes
Vithaya Panichlocharoen
(pp. 231-241)
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Communication for Innovation Development in Thai's MICE Industry through
the Concept of Creative Economy
Taka Tessiri
(pp. 242-253)
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