ISSN:2189-1044 – The IAFOR International Conference on Language Learning 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

IICLL2015, Dubai, UAE
Conference Theme 2015: “Education, Power and Empowerment: Developing Transnational Spaces”
Sunday, March 08, 2015 - Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Color-coded Marking: Using Vibrant Feedback to Enhance ELL Engagement
Theresa Stroke

Difficulties of Building English Sentences in Writing
(A case study for Sudanese Secondary schools in Gezira State, Sudan)

Saber Ahmed Hago Eisa
Badraddin Alawad Babikir Balal

Teaching English in a Multilingual and Multicultural Contex:The Nigeria Experience
Grace E. Adamo
Stella O. Igene

Motivating students and Improving Language and Interpersonal skills through Forensics
Evgenia Koika

Teaching and Assessing Online Discussions:A Case Study
Anil Pathak

The Effect of Integrating Diigo Social Bookmarking into Schoology Learning Management System on Autonomy and Reading comprehension of EFL Learners: A Study on Introducing LMS into Conventional Learning Settings
Roya Khoii
Newsha Ahmadi
Maryam Gharib

Questions and Mutual Understanding in L2 Classroom
Affiong Clement Isok

The Development of an Instructional Design Model on Facebook Based
Collaborative Learning to Enhance EFL Students Writing Skills

Nguyen Duy Linh
Suksan Suppasetseree

The Impact of Group Work in Improving EFL
Medical Students' Academic Performance

Ahmed Altayeb Yousef Alhaj

The Effectiveness of Noor Method In Teaching
and Learning The Phrase Number

Noorhayati binti Hashim
Hassan Basri bin Awang Mat Dahan
Bhasah bin Abu Bakar

Grammarly Grammatical Grammar:An Investigation into Writing Issues
John Michael Villar Faller