ISSN: 2432-4272 The IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies 2018: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: September 18th, 2018

GLOBAL2018 University of Barcelona & NH Collection Barcelona Constanza, Barcelona, Spain
GLOBAL2018 Conference Theme: “Fearful Futures: Cultural Studies and the Question of Agency in the Twenty-First Century”
Friday, July 13 - Sunday, July 15, 2018
ISSN: 2432-4272

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

A Brief Approach to Spivak's Reflections on Subalternity and Agency from the Perspective of Cognitive Science
Frank G. Toro
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The Naked Option, Delta Boys and Big Men: An Analysis of Corruption in the Niger Delta
Óscar Ortega Montero
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Trends and Factors Affecting Aesthetic Experience of Visitors of Contemporary Art and Cultural Galleries
Kritchanat Santawee
Sammiti Sukbunjhong
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Culturalizing Transformation: Reimagining Futures
Bhavya Chitranshi
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Imagining ‘Empowered’ Futures: Thinking of Possibilities in Contemporary Times
Gurpreet Kaur
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Ethnic Stereotype as the Case of Hatred: The Study of Thais’ Biases Towards the Rohingya Refugees
Chalalai Taesilapasathit
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Cultural Identities of International Students in the Twentieth First Century
Hanh Pho
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