ISSN: 2188-112X The European Conference on Language Learning 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: September 16th, 2020

ECLL2020 Online from London, United Kingdom
Friday, July 17 - Sunday, July 19, 2020
ISSN: 2188-112X

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Proceedings Contents

EAP Course Evaluations: Suggestions from Monolingual Students
Nasrin Pervin
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Engaging and Motivating Foreign Language Learners with Audiovisual Aids: The Case of French in Selected High Schools in Ghana
Mensimah Thompson Kwaffo
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Are High-Proficiency Learners Effective Feedback Providers? A Case Study on Online Peer Feedback in L2 Writing
Sarah H.J. Liu
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A Visual System for Grammar Instruction in Foreign Language Learning
Barbara Avila Vissirini
Franziska Morlok
Marian Dörk
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Structuralism Approach to English Teaching as a Means of Solving Cross-Cultural Problems of Russian Students
Galina Gumovskaya
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Tectonics and Technical Language Development of and Research on a Language-Sensitive Learning Design on Plate Tectonics
Santina Wey
Dietmar Gölitz
Jan C. Schubert
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Attitudinal Evaluation of Accents from the Expanding Circle: A Saudi Perspective
Ahmed Hakami
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Developing Relationships in an Online Environment
Stephen Wills
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Actual English for Hospitality Industry from Foreign Hotel Guests in Thailand: A Case Study of Ayutthaya Province
Rujika Thammalaksamee
Suwaree Yordchim
Kantavee Wiengsima
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Correlation Between Interlanguage and Internalization in SLA
Wafaa A. Metwalli
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