ISSN: 2423-8619 – The Asia-Pacific Conference on Security and International Relations 2016 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: February 9th, 2017

APSec2016, Osaka University Nakanoshima Center, Osaka, Japan
APSec2016 Conference Theme: Fearful futures – Peace and Security in Asia
Thursday, December 8 - Friday, December 9, 2016
ISSN: 2423-8619



Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Ending Hatred and the Start of Healing: President Elpidio Quirino’s Pardon of Japanese War Prisoners in July 1953 and its Effects
Augusto de Viana

International Law & Sovereignty: A Divisive Concord of paradigms in the South China Sea
John Matthew Poblete

‘Sarkans Junijs’: Military Relationship between Japan and the Baltic States in the 1930s
Shingo Masunaga

Brazil's Foreign Policy and Asymmetrical Partnership with China and Japan, 2003-2015
Vinicius Douglas Yamanaka Paes

The Geopolitics of Dam Construction and Operation along the Mekong River: Implications for Food Security in the Region
Nathaniel P. Candelaria

Victory in Cyberspace
Miguel Alberto Gomez

Ontological Security and the Limits of Realism
Helen Sellers

Reconciliation: The Conditions of Possibility That Enable Practices in the Anlong Veng Community, Cambodia
Sovann Mam

A Twenty-point Recipe of Peace - the National Action Plan to Pakistan: Context, Analysis and Evaluation of Successes and Pitfalls
Sajjad Ahmed

Stateless Persons and Climate Refugees in Asia
Mayumi Yamada