ISSN: 2432-4183 The Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology 2021: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: May 17th, 2021

AGEN2021, Online Toshi Center Hotel, Tokyo, Japan
Monday, March 29 - Wednesday, March 31, 2021
ISSN: 2432-4183

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Proceedings Contents

Long-term Home Care Communication With Dementia Elders in Taiwan: A Focus on Nonverbal Communication Strategies
Chin-Hui Chen
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2021.1)
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Influence of Demographic Characteristics on Subjective Well-Being of Older Adults
Emmy Ingaiza
Margaret Disiye
Peter Onderi
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2021.2)
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Characteristics of Support Cases for Single Elderly People in Daily Life, Medical Care, Long-term Care, and Death Situations
Kanae Sawamura
Makiko Okamoto
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2021.3)
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Readiness for Decision Making towards End-of-Life Care among Unmarried or Divorced Middle-aged and Elderly Men in Japan
Makiko Okamoto
Kanae Sawamura
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2021.4)
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Envisioning a Healthier Build Environment for Elderly People with Dementia in Denmark – A Conservatory for People and Plants
Jon Dag Rasmussen
Nanet Mathiasen
Victoria Linn Lygum
Lone Sigbrand
(DOI: 10.22492/issn.2432-4183.2021.5)
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