ISSN: 2186-4705 – The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2012

Globalization, Culture and Society: What role does language play?

April 26-28 2012, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-4705


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Proceedings Contents

Raising Awareness of Learning Processes with Technology Tools
Jo Mynard pp. 1-9 View PDF

“FACEBOOK: What Students did and what they would like to do”
Atipat Boonmoh pp. 10-23 View PDF

A Formative Dialogue Method Using Social Media
Per Ahlkvist
Martin Löfgren pp. 24-29 View PDF

Educational Training Administration in Jeddah: Attitudes of Trainees and Employees towards Using Electronic Questionnaire to Evaluate Training Programs
Fadia ALkhadra pp. 30-37 View PDF

Emotional Form Design System of Real-time Learning and Communication Design
Kuen-Meau Chen pp. 38-48 View PDF

Motivational Factors for Collaborative Learning in Higher Institutes of Learning in Singapore
Raymond Tham
Lesley Tham pp. 49-59 View PDF

Applying Web-based Product Analytical Tool in Consumer Preferences Study using Tshirt Design as an Example
Shih-Yen Huang
Chen-Chiou Chiu pp. 60-68 View PDF

How does a Collaborative Approach Impact the Learning of Community College Students in a Digital Media Course? A Self-Study
Monica Boon
Catherine Fulford
Ann Freese pp. 69-76 View PDF

Moving Home Economics into the Future
Eun Jin Hwang
Fredalene Bowers
Sally McCombie
Karen Scarton pp. 77-87 View PDF

Technology in the Expanded Classroom
Eun Jin Hwang
Stephen M. Swartz pp. 88-101 View PDF

Instruments for Facilitating Science Teachers' Awareness of General and Learning Games
Hong-Zheng Sun Lin
Yi-Chen Nien
Guey-Fa Chiou
Tzu-Yuan Hsu
Wan-Erh Ou
Yu-Hsin Tsai pp. 102-114 View PDF

Can Facebook be a New Communicative Channel in a Student-Centered LMS?
Suthathip Maneewongvatana
Songrit Maneewongvatana pp. 115-129 View PDF

Patterns of use of Facebook among High School Students and their Effect in their School Learning Activities
Fabián Valdez
Lewis Mcanally pp. 130-138 View PDF

The Study of Implementation and Assessment of a Cloud Computer Room
Pai-shu Huang
Shih-hao Shen pp. 139-147 View PDF

Enhancing Web Reading Comprehension
Sumonta Damronglaohapan pp. 148-168 View PDF

Ubiquitous Teaching Assistant for Location-based Learning
Chyi-Ren Dow
Lu-Hui Huang
Yu-Hong Lee pp. 169-184 View PDF

Information Technology Teacher Candidates' Action Competencies to Solve Society-Wide Problems in Turkey
A.Askim Kurt
H.Ferhan Odabasi
Yavuz Akbulut
Ozden Sahin Izmirli
Onur Donmez
Elif B. Kuzu
Beril Ceylan pp. 185-189 View PDF

Constructivism and Computer-Mediated Communication in ESL Class in Pakistan
Shamim Ali pp. 190-200 View PDF

A New Look at Problem-Solving Difficulties of Novice Students: An Innovative Classroom Setting Using Fischertechnik Kit
Pei-Fen Chang
Miao-Chen Lin pp. 201-211 View PDF

Virtual Technologies for Learning System
Chao-Wen Chan
Chih-Min Chen pp. 212-236 View PDF

Building Future e-Classroom with Software and Hardware Integrations based on Web 2.0 Services
Hao-Min Yan
Yu-Lun Chang
Wei-Sheng Zeng
Shian-Hua Lin pp. 237-248 View PDF

The Using Of Facebook as a Medium of Learning in an Effort to Improve the Student Learning Outcomes
Tuti Iriani pp. 249-255 View PDF

Storybook Cover Metaphor to Facilitate Young Children’s Online Book Searching
Po-Yao Chao pp. 256-262 View PDF

Analysis of the KKU Students' Synchronous Online Communication
Wannaporn Thanatkha pp. 263-273 View PDF

Introducing an Intelligent e-learning Content Constructor Engine for Language Learning: A Case Study
Hossein Keynejad
Mehrasa Alizadeh pp. 274-280 View PDF

Remotivating Kanji Study via Mobile Game Design
Oliver Rose pp. 281-286 View PDF

An Integrated System for Location-Aware Mobile Social Networks
Pei-Jung Lin
Yi-Hsung Li
Sheng-Chang Chen pp. 287-296 View PDF

Investigating online peer discourse in a writing classroom of Hong Kong
Jessie Choi pp. 297-321 View PDF

Classroom of the Future - Using the Open Plan School Model
Miguel Martinho pp. 322-336 View PDF

Countrywide Classroom to Virtual Classroom in India: The cumulative approach in higher education
Gambhir Prakash B pp. 337-345 View PDF