ISSN: 2186-2311 – The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2012 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2012

"Working Together Towards a Sustainable World"

May 3-6 2012, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-2311

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  • Performance of Ozone/Fenton in the Advanced Oxidation Process of Semi-Aerobic Landfill Leachate
    Hamidi Abdul Aziz, Salem S. Abu Amr pp. 1-12 View PDF
  • Sustainable Housing Strategies for the Growing Indian Demographics: Contextual Study of Mysore, India
    BK Satish
    John Brennan pp. 13-29 View PDF
  • Automobile Engine Waste Heat Recovery and Possible Utilization- 1. Water Distillation & 2. Water Heating
    Saadon Sulaiman pp. 30-40 View PDF
  • The Future Environmental Risks Caused by Modern Antibiotics with Increasing Incidence of Severe Infections due to Multi-Resistant Bacteria in Humans
    Jan Bruensing
    Wolfgang Dott pp. 41-47 View PDF
  • The Relationship of Energy Consumption, CO2 Emission And Economic Growth: An Analysis For Thailand
    Montchai Pinitjitsamut pp. 48-59 View PDF
  • An Optimum Control Strategy for Energy Management in a Remote Area Stand-Alone PV System
    Abd El-Shafy Nafeh pp. 60-65 View PDF
  • Sustainable Management of Palm Oil Mill Waste Using Vermicomposting Technology
    Parveen Fatemeh Rupani
    Asha Embrandiri
    Shlrene Quaik
    M. Hakimi Ibrahim pp. 66-71 View PDF
  • Responsiveness and the Resilience of Queensland Economy to Climatic Disasters: Through a Post-Keynesian Lens
    Taha Chaiechi pp. 72-84 View PDF
  • A Model of Health Impact Assessment for the Sub-District Municipalities: A CaseStudy of the Songkhla Lake Basin
    Phen Sukmag
    Phongthep Suteerawut
    Sangarun Isalamalai
    Thunwadee Suksaroj pp. 85-92 View PDF
  • Zhaoqing: A Study-Case of Energy-Saving Urban Design
    Giovanni Marco Chiri
    Ilaria Giovagnorio pp. 93-107 View PDF
  • Sustainable Management of Coffee Agroforestry Systems in Colombia
    Natalia Escobar
    Jairo Mora
    Nestor Romero pp. 108-125 View PDF
  • Factors for Implementing Green Building Rating Tool to Government Building in Malaysia
    Azlina Abdul Hamid
    Mohamed Rashid Embi pp. 126-134 View PDF
  • Using GIS to Manage and Assess Urban Risks. A Review Comparing the Experiences of Romania (In a European Context) and The United States of America
    Emil-Sever Georgercu
    Vasile Meita
    Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor
    Cezar-Petre Simion-Melinte pp. 135-147 View PDF
  • Building a Social Case for Business Sustainability
    Celina Symons
    Geoff Lamberton pp. 148-164 View PDF
  • Biomass Gasification as a Sustainable Energy Technology for Small Food Processing Industry
    Nakorn Tippayawong
    Chutchawan Chaichana
    Anucha Promwungkwa
    Prasert Rerkkriangkrai
    Asira Bunkham pp. 165-171 View PDF
  • Design Solutions from the Past for Housing Interiors of Today
    Omer Kutay Guler pp. 172-179 View PDF
  • Aspects of Environmental Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building for Improved Sustainability Outcomes
    John Haydon
    Jianbo Kuang pp. 180-191 View PDF
  • The Experiences of Family Support by People in Recovery from Drug Addiction
    Dini Baharuddin
    Zaliridzal Zakaria
    Abd Halim Hussin
    Sarina Mohamed
    Melati Sumari
    Rezki Perdani Sawai
    Zainol Abidin Ahmad pp. 192-198 View PDF
  • Solar Home System Evaluation in Bangladesh
    Sabbir Ahmed Khan
    Mahmudul Hasan
    SM Hasan Hafizul Haque
    Imran Bin Jafar
    Kanij Raihana
    Nafiz Ur Rahman
    Hussain Muhammad Farabi
    Nasira Karim Audhuna
    A K M Abdul Malek Azad pp. 199-209 View PDF
  • Wastewater Treatment Bioprocesses: Modeling Issues And Simulation
    Monica Roman
    Dan Selisteanu
    Eugen Bobasu pp. 210-221 View PDF
  • Thermal Pre-Treatment Solutions For Low Quality Fuels To Energy Conversion
    Cosmin Marculescu
    Constantin Stan pp. 222-229 View PDF
  • Simulation and Optimization of Designed Parameters for a Desiccant Column in Radiant Cooling System
    Juntakan Taweekun
    Visit Akvanich pp. 230-237 View PDF
  • Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emission from Residential Buildings in Thailand
    Pattana Rakkwamsuk
    Siriluk Chiarakorn
    Kamonthip Aransiri
    Nalinee Aneksaen pp. 238-245 View PDF
  • Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation Policy: The Case of Thailand
    Pattranuch Sornprasith pp. 246-262 View PDF
  • Patterns and Trends in the Use of Protected Forest Resources among Rural Agricultural Communities in Benue State: Challenges and Legal Implications for Sustainable Development
    Ikoni Ukooh David pp. 263-296 View PDF
  • The Roles of the Community, Private Sector, and Local Authority in Recycling in Bangkok's Gated Communities
    Patra Jirawisan pp. 297-316 View PDF
  • Micro Siting and Wind Energy Potential in Mersing, Malaysia Using RIAM-Compact
    Nurhayati Rosly
    Yuji Ohya
    Takanori Uchida pp. 317-336 View PDF
  • Disaster Mapping and Assessment of City of Kamaishi’s Coast Affected by The Great East Japan Earthquake
    Nitin Mukkoth Valappil pp. 337-343 View PDF
  • Moisture Removal Rate in a Solar Powered Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning System
    Ahmed.M. Ahmed
    Kamal.N. Abdalla pp. 344-351 View PDF
  • Investigation on the Wave Reduction of a Series of Fixed Floating Structures in Tandem Using a Regularized Meshless Method
    Huei-Tau Ouyang
    Kue-Hong Chen
    Jihn-Sung Lai
    Chi-Ming Tsai pp. 352-360 View PDF
  • Natural Improvements of Geochemical Conditions of Acid Sulfate Soils Caused by Free Tidal Inundation and its Effects on the Mangrove Seedlings
    Rantih Isyrini
    David Gust
    Ian Williamson
    Tanya Scharaschkin
    Alfian Noor pp. 361-367 View PDF
  • Unsustainability in Agricultural Areas
    Kanokporn Swangjang
    Kamolchanok Panishkarn
    Daoroong Sungthong
    Nathera Sanmanee pp. 368-374 View PDF
  • Planning for the Desirable Land Uses in Peri-Urban Landscapes: Application of a Spatial Concept for Territorial Sustainability
    Domenec Aran pp. 375-387 View PDF
  • Development of Electrical Generation System for Small Scale Pig Farm in Thailand Rural Area
    Thaweesak Tanaram
    Wachira Limceprapan
    Phantida Limceprapan
    Nuttee Thungsuk
    Arckarakit Chaithanakulwat pp. 388-399 View PDF
  • Catalyst Preparation by Addition of K and Na on Zeolite NaX for Transesterification of Jatropha Seed Oil
    Saowanee Manadee
    Nuttinee Supamathanon
    Sanchai Prayoonpokarach
    Jatuporn Wittayakun pp. 400-412 View PDF
  • Catalyst Derived from the Natural Waste of Biodiesel Production
    Piyaratsiri Phunchun
    Aphiwat Teerawutgulrag pp. 413-422 View PDF
  • The Impacts of Climatic Extremes on Coastal and Marine Biodiversity in Singapore and Management Challenges
    Kok Ben Toh
    Loke Ming Chou
    Ywee Chieh Tay
    Valerie Xin Hui Phang pp. 423-430 View PDF
  • Coral Reefs in Singapore: Past, Present and Future
    Loke Ming Chou
    Kok Ben Toh
    Ywee Chieh Tay
    Valerie Xin Hui Phang pp. 431-436 View PDF
  • Solid-Phase Trapping System for Supercritical Fluid Extraction on Determination of Microbial Quinones
    Sidik Marsudi
    Muhammad Hanif
    Jin Yoshino
    Yoichi Atsuta
    Hiroyuki Daimon pp. 437-456 View PDF