ISSN: 2186-2311 – The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2011 – Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: August 1st, 2011

"Sustaining the Future"

June 2-5 2011, Osaka, Japan

ISSN: 2186-2311

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Proceedings Contents

  • LabVIEW-Based Real-Time Evaluation System for Validation and Reliability Tests of Fuel Cell Scooters
    Jenn-Jiang Hwang
    Jia-Sheng Hu
    Yu-Jie Chen
    Lai-Ho Huang
    Wei-Ru Chang pp. 1-6
  • Valuation of Urban Green Space in Bangkok, Thailand
    Somskaow Bejranonda
    Valaiporn Attanandana pp. 7-19
  • Heat Trap and Light Concentration Mechanism to Enhanced Temperature Gradient Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting System
    Airul Azha Abd Rahman
    Wan Adil Wan Jamil
    Amilia Ahmed Khozim
    Aymen M. Karim
    Dr. Gunawan Witjaksono pp. 20-28
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing in Italy
    Nadia Ameli
    Daniel M. Kammen pp. 29-42
  • Renewable Energ: The Indian Perspective
    Himadri Roy Ghatak pp. 43-52
  • Sustainable Spatial Development in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve: Planning, Architecture, Seismic, Construction and Energy Related Criteria
    Vasile Meita
    Emil-Sever Georgescu
    Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrisor pp. 53-70
  • Evaluation of Air Pollution Baseline from Bituminous Power Plant in Thailand
    Wasin Pinprateep pp. 71-81
  • The Effect of Sea Level Rise on Freshwater Flooding, the Human Population, and Natural Forest Communities of Miami-Dade County
    Stephanie Long
    Camilo Arias
    Kristie Wendelberger
    Sylvia Lee
    Ivan Blanco Rubio pp. 82-106
  • An analysis of the landscape ecological effects of land-use changes in Dongshan River basin, Taiwan
    Shu-Chun L. Huang
    Wen-Pin Lin pp. 107-117
  • The Impacts of Thai Household Smoking Spending on Expenditure Patterns and Health Care Costs
    Aunkung Lim
    Valaiporn Attanandana pp. 118-129
  • Awareness toward environmental problem solving of students at Sirindhorn college of public health, Yala, Thailand
    Anchalee Pongkaset
    Kannika Ruangdej pp. 130-136
  • Applied γ-ray preirradiated fabrics grafting with acrylic acid to heavy metal removal
    Bor-Tsung Hsieh
    Yi-Kuo Chang
    Chia-Chieh Chen
    Juu-En Chang pp. 137-142
  • Problem Solving of Mountain Waterworks System during a Decade in Bankangsuan,
    Tambon Koh Saba, Amphoe Thepha, Changwat Songkhla, Thailand
    Paiboon Chaosuansreecharoen pp. 143-155
  • Establishing the Holistic Sustainability Evaluation Framework for Asia-Pacific Regions by Exploring Local Practices in China
    Wenli Dong
    Jamie Mackee
    Michael Mak pp. 156-169
  • Energy Access to Rural Areas: Exploring Decentralized Renewable Energy Systems for the Indian State of Bihar
    Anjula Gurtoo pp. 170-180
  • Yield stability of rice under high temperature
    Jitlada Chok-amnuay
    Phaweesuda Ramnud
    Vilai Saothongnoi
    Suphachi Amkha
    Kruamas Smakgahn pp. 181-186
  • Study of Dynamic Characteristic of PM10 Concentration During Street Sweeping
    Chih-Mei Chou pp. 187-194
  • Optimum air change rate for night ventilation in order to achieve energy saving in
    Yemeni office building
    Aymen Aklan
    Volker Hukemann
    M.Norbert Fisch pp. 195-204
  • Lauric Oils Synthesis in a Semi-Batch Reactor using Tungstated Zirconia as a Solid Acid Catalyst
    Kanokwan Ngaosuwan pp. 205-212
  • Single-walled Carbon Nanohorns Supported Sulfonated Catalyst for Biodiesel Production
    Chantamanee Poonjarernsilp
    Kanokwan Ngasuwan pp. 213-218
  • Accuracy Discharge Measurement for irrigation water distribution and conservation
    Hsun-Chuan Chan
    Wei-Che Huang
    Yu-Min Wang
    Jan-Mou Leu
    Ping-Jen Mo pp. 219-227
  • Effects of Carbon-based Materials on the Hydrogen Desorption of LiAlH4
    P. Purasaka
    T. Chaisuwan
    P. Rangsunvigit
    B. Kitiyanan
    S. Kulprathipanja pp. 228-240
  • Are Italian firms proactive in Sustainability practices?
    Marco Minciullo pp. 241-277
  • Applying Warping for Improving Land Subsidence and On Farm Water Supply- A Case Study for Choshui
    Chien Ming-Song
    Chun-E. Kan
    Jin-Hwua Chen pp. 278-295
  • Using Geographical Information System to Evaluate Evapotranspiration Models Accuracies in Belize
    Lennox A. Gladden
    Yu-Min Wang pp. 296-309
  • Trends of Biofuels Derived from Renewable Biomass as
    Sustainable Energy and Environmental Solution
    M. Rofiqul Islam
    M. Parveen and H. Haniu pp. 310-323
  • Desalination Powered By Entropy
    S. Kazadi
    Y. Hong
    C. Chau
    A. Chaudhary
    J. Park
    J. Liu
    M. Kim
    D. Kim
    S. Kim pp. 324-336
  • Developing a Green Metric Mechanism Versus Leed for Tall Buildings in Qatar: Evaluation-based Case Study
    Hatem Galal A Ibrahim pp. 337-353
  • The Importance of Ecological and Spiritual Approach in Chemical Engineering towards Practical Conception of Sustainable Development
    Azizan Ramli
    Mohd Shaiful Zaidi Mat Desa
    Tuan Sidek Tuan Muda
    Abdul Kamil Jamaludin pp. 354-368
  • Renovating the Industry through Energy Efficiency Projects: A case study of Iranian Brick Industry
    Ali Abolghasemi pp. 369-377
  • Explaining the Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices: An Improved Integrative Agent-Based Framework
    Yeong Sheng Tey
    Elton Li
    Johan Bruwer
    Amin Mahir Abdullah
    Jay Cummins
    Alias Radam
    Mohd Mansor Ismail
    Suryani Darham pp. 378-395
  • Chemical Reaction Method to Utilize Geothermal Energy Rakesh Kumar Soni
    Jitender Agarwal
    Manuj Gupta pp. 396-403
  • Design and Analysis of Small Scale Straight-Bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
    Ji Xiao Na
    Goh Seach Chyr
    Jörg Schlü ter pp. 404-417
  • Income, Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions in India: Modeling of Causal Relationships
    Mohammad Jahangir Alam
    Ismat Ara Begum
    Jeroen Buysse
    Sanzidur Rahman
    Guido Van Huylenbroeck pp. 418-428
  • The significance of competent photoexciton diffusion process in order to accelerate the power conversion efficiency of organic solar cell
    Ariful Haque
    M. Abdul Awal
    Mashiur Rahman
    Fauzia Sultana pp. 429-438
  • The Implementation of an Open Space Policy by the States in Peninsular Malaysia: The Need for a Uniform Policy?
    Putri Haryati binti Ibrahim
    Melasutra binti Md Dali
    Safiah Yusmah binti
    Muhammad Yusoff pp. 439-451
  • Biohydrogen Production from Alcohol Distillery Wastewater in an Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor under Thermophilic Temperature
    A. Thungmanee
    P. Rangsunvigit
    S. Chavadej
    T. Sreethawong pp. 452-470
  • Energy Consumption ? Income Nexus in China: Heterogeneous Panel Causality Analysis
    K. Ali Akkemik
    Koray GÖKSAL
    Jia Li pp. 471-497
  • Research on Precipitation and Soil Erodibility Factor in Western Mountainous Area of Taiwan
    Chin-Ping Lin
    Jih-Jang Huang pp. 498-518
  • A Study on Potential Use of Pulverized Oyster Shell as A Cementing Material in Civil Engineering
    Hung-Yu. Wang
    Chou-Fu. Liang
    Wen-Guey Chung
    Guey-Ying. Wu pp. 519-530
  • Mutual Dependence of Social and Environmental Sustainability in Offices
    Robert H. Knapp, Jr.
    Hiroto Takaguchi pp. 531-543
  • Decentralization and Environmental Governance: Insights from the Experiences of Selected Lakeshore Communities in the Philippines
    Eliseo F. Huesca, Jr. pp. 544-554
  • Consumer Willingness to Pay for Energy Conservation: The Case of Taiwan
    Jin-Long Liu
    Pe-I Chang pp. 555-567
  • Spatial Drought- Distribution in the Northwestern Part of Bangladesh
    Mohammad Adnan Rajib
    Md.Rubayet Mortuza
    Saranah Selmi
    Asif Khan Ankur
    Md. Mujibur Rahman pp. 568-575
  • Redefining economic efficiency in a post-fossil fuel world: Relation between food and energy scarcity
    Patrik Gotz pp. 576-585
  • Effect of soil solarization in greenhouse agro-ecosystem of organic vegetable production
    Bahram Tafaghodinia
    Mmohammad Kamalpour
    Abbasali Nasrollahi pp. 586-589
  • Public Participation towards environmental issues in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia
    Haliza Abdul Rahman pp. 590-595
  • Working Towards Enhancing the Quality of Urban Life Through a Greener City: Aspects of Policy and Law in Malaysia Relevant to Urban Green Spaces Development and
    Environmental Quality Protection
    Maizatun Mustafa pp. 596-609
  • Thermal Modeling of Parabolic Solar Water Heaters by Adapting the Fully Mixed Model of the Storage Tank
    Zahirnia Sasan
    Ghaffari Ali
    Arebi Soleyman pp. 610-614